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Echoes of Ancient Egypt

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Feb. 17 – March 3, 2006










Daniel Kolos Gallery of Ancient Egyptian Art





Description de l’Egypt

Large format etchings of Egypt’s monuments published in 1820




Ancient Egypt:

Akhenaten’s religion of pure reason:



Coming of Age in Ancient Egypt

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Amarna Papers explore Akhenaten and his era






Ancient Egyptian Sexuality

Part 1    -    Part 2


Ancient Egypt and Psychology

Conversations with Dr. William Theaux, founder of Plural analysis

Part 1  - Part 2  - Part 3  -  Part 4

Part 5

Labyrinth page


The Chakras


Poetry                   etc.

NEW BOOK : From One Child to Another

Reviews of poetry book, Slipped Out, now on line!


Words Aloud Poetry Cooperative

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The Thinking Process 



Grail Knights

See the Brotherhood of the Temple of Sakkara – October 2005

Essays and Book Reviews

Essay on Akhenaten posted Oct. 24, 2005


Magical Child Papers


Guest  Essays in  2005 

March 12: Kundalini

July 24:  Enlightenment



Workshops and

Past Life Memory Dowsing


Sekhmet ritual

Short Stories

Thinking of Touring Egypt?

4-6 people

experienced and well-connected tour guide

intimate details and/or recreation of temple rituals

life stories of tomb owners

(from their own autobiographies!)


 Find four or five friends, five to six thousand Dollars each, and tell me what you would like to see, what level of comfort you would like to live while you travel, and what your first three interests are, such as Archaeology, adventure, desert oases, ordinary tourist destinations, Nile cruise, Red Sea resorts, past life memories, spiritual focus, ancient deities and their rituals, etc.  I can combine any three of these.  For some items, like Red Sea Resorts, you don’t need me.  For others, like the Schwaller de Lubic’s Egypt, I will refer you to John Anthony West.  If you would like a deep study of the Egyptian deities, their astrological system and their magic, I will refer you to Rosemary Clark, author of Sacred Magic of Ancient Egypt.  Send inquiries to

PS: I have excellent references including Shirley Maclaine, who was one of my clients.


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The PEACE WITHIN Concise News Network


Concise News Item 133:


“The hate you died to quench and could but fan...”


A.E. Housman

”Easter Hymn”

More Poems

London and Toronto, 1936: Jonathan Cape



While Housman wrote of the futility of Christ’s death, another two thousand years of war has consistently shown such futility in the death of everyone who died in a war:  no matter how noble the cause, success is never achieved and the hatred spreads.  Perhaps achieving Peace Within, one by one, will render such hate redundant along with wars and armaments.


Posted February 11, 2007


Concise News Item 134:


William Blake's 19th century poetic critique of Newton was not anti-scientific but rather anticipatory of 20th-century quantum physics. 

Wai Chi Dimock

Literary Critic

"Nonbiological Clock”

SAQ 102/2 /03:153-77


Concise News Item 135:


I hope you will live a life that keeps many angels employed!


Victoria Naumann

quoted from a personal exchange in Durham, Ontario



Concise News Item 136:


The power of this geomantic ley corridor (the 42nd parallel of North Latitude) carries the emotion of megalomania and the self-righteousness of Empire. Countries along this ley-line that are not necessarily empires nonetheless act as such.  Here we find Serbia acting out this dream of empire, a dream more appropriate to another era.

Peter Champoux

The Gaia Matrix, p. 23



Concise News Item 137:


"Seek not to fight evil-- do not fight it-- let goodness take its place."


An Alaskan Prophecy


Posted October 24, 2007



Concise News Item 138


“protect and serve” or “serve and protect” - the motto of most police services

"When you protect something, you control it. When you continue to serve the people you control, they are lulled into complacency. In this Edenic complacency, that group which is being protected never realizes it is controlled. Therefore, to control something, you must protect and serve it very well. You must be sure that what and who you are protecting stays so happy and complacent that they never think about freedom... let alone seek it."



Concise News Item 139


"The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed -- and thus clamorous to be led to
safety -- by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary."

-- H.L. Mencken

Posted June 1, 2008


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