Daniel Kolos participated in the following Poetry Readings in 2003:


January 17, 2003 – Detroit, Michigan


M Liebler will host a group of Canadian Poets from Ontario who will be putting on this production called

Poem for Peace in Many Voices

At the Scarab Club

located at 217 E. Farnworth at John R behind the Detroit Art Institute,

 co-sponsored by The Writer's Voice of the YMCA of Metropolitan Detroit and The Scarab Arts Club.  

Poem for Peace in Many Voices was composed by  Penn Kemp of London Ontario

See www.pennkemp.ca

Performers will include Penn Kemp, Gloria Alvernaz Mulcahy, Daniel Kolos, Johnny Fensher

and others.


Canadian poets from Ontario led the production coordinated by spoken word artist Penn Kemp.
Of the many languages used, the most unusual translation was by London, Ontario's Johnny Fansher, who translated the poem into Pig Latin.  Americans who recited with the group included Cheri L. Roberts, Liberty R. O. Daniels, and Robert George Taylor "and the prayers for peace from the Emissaries of Light website to close the evening," Penn says. 




March 21, 2003, 7:30 PM – Owen Sound, Ontario


World Poetry Day

WORDS ALOUD Grey/Bruce Poetry Cooperative presents


2003 UNESCO's World Poetry Day &

Dialogue Through Poetry Readings


At the  BEAN CELLAR in Owen Sound (next to the Roxy Theatre)


THEME FOR THE EVENING: "Create a true dialogue among civilizations" 

Special Guests:

Gloria Alvarnez Mulcahy Coordinator for the Centre for Studies in Creativity, King's College, University of Western Ontario.  She is a Professor of Psychology and published poet.

Andrea Jarmai Host on the Art Bar Poetry Reading Team, Toronto; Singer, translator and poet 

Participating WORDS ALOUD Members: Dawna Proudman, Anne Duke Judd, Daniel Kolos, Don Wilmott, Doug Cleverley, Paul Scott, Jennifer Frankum and Penn Kemp


April 5, 2003 – Allegan, Michigan


Sisterhood of the Emerald Fire

Ordination ceremony by Mary Hardy

Poetry reading by Daniel Kolos


The School of Sakkara

Dumont Lake Road,

Allegan, Michigan



April 13, 2003 – North York, Ontario





April 17th, 2003, Thursday at 7:00 PM – Plymouth, Michigan


International Poetry reading at the Poetry Tribe

The Plymouth Coffee Bean Company
884 Penniman Avenue
Plymouth,  MI  48170

Penn Kemp reads her Poem for Peace in Many Voices!

Daniel Kolos reads in Hungarian and chants with Penn in Ancient Egyptian

Gloria Alvarnez Mulcahy reads in Spanish and Cherokee

Then each poet will read selections from his and her own poetry.



April 26, 2003, Saturday, 8 p.m. – Mount Forest,  Ontario


E C L E C T I C    C A F É

Carnegie Hall (basement of Mount Forest Public Library,
118 Main Street, just North of the Old Roxy Theatre)

We've got a great line-up:

Raw Bone Rhythms (women's drum ensemble)
Daniel Kolos (reading his latest work)
Wolf Moerhle (singer/guitarist)
and SPECIAL GUEST Sophia Werden (pianist)


July 1, 2003Tuesday, Canada Day 7:00 pm - Priceville, Ontario


Daniel Kolos launches his first poetry collection,

Slipped Out

At Springwood Heights, Priceville

The Slipped Out poetry collection is $20.00, tax included

(Visa, Mastercard, check and cash accepted)


This First Edition of 110 collectible copies was printed and hand bound by Gavin Stairs of Pendas Productions, London, Ontario



July 4th, 2003, Friday at 7:30 PM – Flesherton, Ontario


13th Annual Art Garden opening and Self Portrait show


The Flesherton Gallery and Local Colour


With Poetry Reading by the members of

Words Aloud Poetry Cooperative:


Judy Lowry

Liz Zetlin

Barbara MacKay

Daniel Kolos


Followed by a Drum Jam at 10:00 PM



Judy Lowry is a poet's poet, deep, emotional, at ease with language.  She has the kind of voice that I could listen to for an hour each night.  Wish she would produce a CD!


Liz Zetlin surprised us all with a multi-meaning poem for Bettle Massett.  Liz also produced her own poetry book for the occasion.  She is very versatile.


Barb MacKay was bright and witty although she was showing that slight confusion - or was just being bemused? - that comes with slowly changing from Mother to Crone.


Daniel Kolos read Absurdities and the art crowd roared with laughter.  It helped sales.




July 12, 2003 – Eugenia, Ontario


Eugenia Gold Rush Festival


Eugenia Falls pavilion, 1:30 pm  Ode to the Gold Rush:

Daniel Kolos reads commissioned poem:

Fool’s Lure


And judges Junior Poetry contest


Grades 7-8 entries:                                         Rhyme             Form        Delivery                  Prize

1.            Jason Ducket                                   9                      6                      9                      1st

2.            Reuben McCallum                           7                      5                      5

3.            Jinger Lorenz                                   8                      5                      5

4.            Brittany Brown                                8                      7                      8                  2nd

5.            Maia Lemon                                    7                      8                      5                      3rd


Grades 4-5 entries:

            1.  Zoe Zetland                                    6                      8                      8                      2nd

            2.  Brook Fuller                                   9                      8                      5                      1st

            3.Devon Kloosterboer                         10                    5                      5

            4.Wade Walker                                   8                      8                      5                      3rd

            5.  Andrea Jansen                                5                      7                      5


Those who did not attend automatically received 5 points for Delivery.

Points for Rhyme were also awarded as ‘Structure’ for those entries where Rhyme was irrelevant.



August 6, 2003, Wednesday, 8:00 PM – Toronto, Ontario


“Can you read at the Art Bar on August 6, 2003?



David Clink
Artistic Director
Art Bar Poetry Series
Wednesdays at 8 p.m. at the Victory Cafe
581 Markham Street, Bathurst & Bloor
(1 block West of Bathurst, 1 block South of Bloor)
Email: DavidClink@ArtBar.org


August 9, 2003, Saturday, 7:30 PM – Allegan, Michigan


The School of Sakkara 23rd Annual Conference

Dumont Lake Road,

Allegan, Michigan


Middle Eastern Dancing with Sophia and Jasmine


Poetry Hour hosted by Daniel Kolos

Readings by Gandalph Slick, Trish Harris, Daniel Kolos and others.



October 28, 2003, Wednesday, 7:30 PM – Orangeville, Ontario


Daniel Kolos launches his new poetry collection, SLIPPED OUT

at Booklore, Orangeville’s premiere independent book store


The following review appeared in the Winter In the Hills – a magazine of country living in the Headwaters Region, Vol. 10 on November 4, 2002, Page 18:

Slipped Out is a sensual delight, By turns witty and erotic, thoughtful and confrontational, Daniel reflects on current world events and our primal connections with the earth.  His love of ancient Egypt inspires a number of poems, one of which, when translated into hieroglyphs, becomes a work of visual art.”



November 1, 2003 - Parry Sound, Ontario


Penn Kemp launches Saraswati Scapes and Daniel Kolos reads from his recently launched poetry  book, Slipped Out, in an afternoon of Muskoka-Parry Sound poets performance at the Station Gallery, Parry Sound.


In an e-mail to Penn Kemp, publisher of Slipped Out (Pendas Poetry Series 2):

From Katerina Fretwell

November 4, 2003


Re:  Reading at the Station Gallery, Parry Sound, on November 1, 2003:


(Penn’s) reading was MARVELOUS.  Daniel's reading was excellent; his humour is deliciously wicked and so is his book!




November 20, 2003, Thursday, 8:00 PM – Plymouth, Michigan


Poetry Tribe

At the Plymouth Coffee Bean Company

Plymouth, Michigan


Features Ontario poet Daniel Kolos:


The Poetry Tribe at CrossXroads

Daniel Kolos

Poet, writer, lecturer, Egyptologist

as the

Featured Poetry Presentation




The Plymouth Coffee Bean Company
884 Penniman Avenue
Plymouth,  MI  48170



Ann(E) Horvath, host and coordinator of the Poetry Tribe wrote afterwards: (November 21, 2003)


11-21-2003 (Fri)




Daniel --  When several people, and I do mean several, come up to me after a reading and give favorable comments about the feature, I know I have made the correct decision.  Yep!  Several people commented on your work and in your favor, too.  LOL


Your poetry is remarkable.  Your words grab the feelings with intensity and warmth.  You are one heck of a poet, Daniel.  What do you say we do this again sometimes?


Thank you ever so much for being our feature.


Ms. Annie Horvath
Director & Host: The Poetry Tribe at CrossXroads
Poetry Editor Ex-Officio: The MacGuffin, Schoolcraft College
Literary Journal, Livonia MI. 



Ms. Annie Horvath
Director & Host: The Poetry Tribe at CrossXroads
Poetry Editor Ex-Officio: The MacGuffin, Schoolcraft College
Literary Journal, Livonia MI. 
Editor: The Poetry Tribe Review Anthology



November 23, 2003, Sunday, 3:00 PM – Durham, Ontario


Durham Art Gallery and Fred Turner Books

Present Daniel Kolos with his first poetry book:  Slipped Out

(Pendas Poets Series 2, London, 2003)


with poetry reading by other Words Aloud Poetry Cooperative poets:


Slipped Out
Slipped Out:

Sunday, November 23 at 3pm
Poetry reading and book presentation by Daniel Kolos

Local poet and Egyptologist Daniel Kolos is reading from his first poetry book: Slipped Out. His reading performance will be followed by poetry readings by David Sugarman, Judy Lowry  and others.

Location: The Hedges (Fred Turner’s Bookstore), 388 Durham Road East




The following comments were written by Nicki Cruickshank, reporter with the Durham Chronicle and published on the front page of that newspaper on Wednesday, November 26, 2003:


“It was a poetry lover’s dream….  The event was organized and sponsored by the Durham Art Gallery. … The avid poet read (two sets of) 15-20 minutes worth of the book, stopping periodically to answer questions from the audience. … And appreciative applause rippled through the audience (which included five other poets) after each poem was read. … “It is nice to read to your own best critics,” said Kolos



November 29th, 2003 - Barrie, Ontario




a book launch and poetry reading by


Daniel Kolos


on Saturday, November 29 at 3:00 PM 


Fooda Buddha

the Vegetarian Restaurant at 24A Dunlop St. W, Barrie 


Daniel Kolos lives in Priceville and is a well-known member of the Words Aloud Poetry Cooperative, The Highway 4 Writers’ Group and The Saugeen Trading Community.

Daniel operates Benben Books (Books on Ancient Egypt) and is an international lecturer, writer and radio broadcaster