Brotherhood of Knights of the Temple of New Sakkara


The Brotherhood of Knights of the Temple of New Sakkara  (The Brotherhood) follows the ancient tradition to acknowledge the Divine Feminine.


In its current form the Brotherhood works with the Sisterhood of the Emerald Fire (The Sisterhood) under the organizational umbrella of the Temple of New Sakkara.


The specific duties of The Brotherhood are to hold sacred space for the energy work of The Sisterhood and to join The Sisterhood in the work of keeping the earth grid balanced and in harmony.


The Knights Templar tradition is based on discipline.  Any man or woman who works with The Brotherhood will, through self-discipline, practice goodwill and create harmony for the energy work of the Sisterhood!


The Cathar Creed, The Sisterhood’s work and the each man or woman’s own conscience will be the guides in The Brotherhood’s work.


While human beings create the intent (see the instructions for creating a Holy Grail Vortex), other dimensional beings complete all the energy work on the earth’s grid.  These other-dimensional beings, Mother Earth and each sovereign individual are energetic beings.  The knowledge of one’s personal nervous system, the information transmitting nature of light and the information storage capacities of the glia cells attached to each neuron, are helpful to this work with the earth’s grid.  Familiarity with the electromagnetic nature of our bodies also helps when working with the earth’s energetic fields.


Proficiency in working between the fifth and twelfth dimensions depends on individual experience and comfort level within the first four dimensions. Experience with meditative techniques or a natural, inborn sense of openness and curiosity about nature and people result in feeling secure within one’s self.  Managing one’s time efficiently rounds out the harmonious nature of the first four dimensions.


If, however, a comfort level does not exist within the first four dimensions, work can still be done between the fifth and the twelfth dimension during sleep time.


Such work at night is achieved with an intent.  Each man or woman can create a personal statement and say it before going to sleep, such as “I am ready and willing to work with and protect the energy grid of Mother Earth.”


The Brotherhood is not a secret organization, but the individual Brothers and Sisters may declare their work ‘private’.  As such, the man or woman has the right not to talk about the work.


Membership is voluntary.  Any prospective man or woman who hears about the work of the Brotherhood of Knights of the Temple of Sakkara must ask an existing Knight or Lady if he or she can join the work of The Brotherhood.


Membership is contingent upon each man and woman

1.     Becoming familiar with the work of the Sisterhood of the Emerald Fire;

2.     Being open to fifth to twelfth dimensional work;

3.     Accepting the tradition of the Knights Templar discipline

a.     to serve with love and goodwill the energetic health of Mother Earth

b.    to protect the energy work of the Sisterhood of the Emerald Fire.


Recognition of membership in the Brotherhood, acknowledgement of one’s work and receiving the outer trappings of knighthood and the attendant paraphernalia will be entirely in the hands of a council of the Sisterhood of the Emerald Fire whom these Knights will serve and protect.


The Brotherhood will remain without hierarchy and leadership as long as it is possible to carry on its work.  Each man and woman has equal right to speak publicly of the work of The Brotherhood.  Each prospective member, however, must learn of the work of The Sisterhood from one of its Sistars. 

If prospective members and existing Knights and Ladies ask, classes can be arranged on becoming open to the fifth to twelfth dimensions.  Those who are able to live without meeting are urged to learn in their sleep.


Information, including this statement of purpose, work and membership, can be written by any one man or woman and be circulated for acceptance among all those Brothers and Sisters who can be reached in person, by mail or e-mail.  All comments and changes, additions and objections will be honored and discussed.  This text will be published on the Yahoo Groups Sakkara Conference discussion site, and eventually at


This statement was drawn up by Daniel Kolos on the basis of the two workshops conducted by Mary Hardy and Daniel at the Sakkara Conference on July 30 and 31, 2005.  Virginia LoneSky, one of the Sistars, has volunteered to coordinate the educational aspect of Brotherhood meetings.