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Catalogue of Second edition pages (1820) from the Daniel Kolos Gallery

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1.  Title Page to Volume One, Archaeology

Condition: poor – water damage bottom right       

                       Price:                                                $199.00

View online example of image:


Unnumbered, matted, vertical plate with the following text:











(insignia of the royal printing house)


IMPRIMERIE DE C. L. F. Panckoucke






2.  Vol. I, Plate 15: Ile de Philae

Condition: good

Price:                                            $199.00

View online example of image: Philae pottery - King with mace over enemies


(matted, vertical)

            Figure 1:  Collection de vases Coloriés, Sculptés et Peints dans le Grand Temple

            Figures 2-11: Détails de Coeffures Symboliques

            Figures 12,13,15,16: Sculptures du Grand Temple

            Figure 14: Bas-relief du Temple de l’Ouest


The central theme of this Plate is a set of vases typical of the period, c. 320-20 BC.  Figure 15 shows other vases used by the King in a ritual offering to Osiris.  Figure 13 shows an Egyptian workman prodding a recalcitrant donkey; Figure 14 is of a female harpist at play; and Figure 16 shows the King slaying his enemies, whom he has by their hair:  two figures of ‘Justice’ lie under these prisoners who plead for their lives, indicating that, in the end, justice will be done.





3.  Vol. 1, Plate 29:  Ile de Philae

Condition: Poor -water damage and crease-line on top            

Price:                                            $99.00

View online example of image:

1-29 Ile de Philae


(matted, vertical)

            Figures 1-27:  Details de coiffures Symbolique

            Figurres 28-29: Plan at Elevation d’un Petit Portique a l’Est du Grand Temple

            Figures 30-33:  Plan, Elevation, Coupe et Vue Perspective d’une Construction Romaine


This scene of the Island of Philae, a century and a half before it was moved, shows a Roman building that no longer exists; Trajan’s temple stands in the background.  The twenty-seven varieties of crowns and head-dresses provides an excellent collection for research.





4.  Vol. I, Plate 38:  Île d’Éléphantine et Syène

Condition: Good – light blemishes along top and right edge

Price:                                   $399.00 (framed)

View online example of image:



(framed - vertical)

            Figure 1: Vue Perspective du Temple du Sud a Elephantine

            Figure 2,3: Temple du Nord

            Figure 4: Vue d l’Ile et des Environs

            Figures 5,6,7,8: Plan, Elevation et Chapiteaux d’un Temple a Syene

            Figure 9: Plan d’une Edifice Ruiné a Syene


Perspective view of the South Temple at Elephantine; two column-capitals from said temple; a beautiful panoramic view of the Island and its surroundings (Photo-quality etching); a view of another small temple at Elephantine that was subsequently dynamited by the local Mullah because it attracted too many tourists and, he claimed, interfered with the religious activities of his villagers.





5.  Vol. I, Plate 39: Koum Onbo (Ombos)

Condition: Good – light blemishes all around the edges

Price:                                            $399.00 (framed)

View online example of image: - Kom Onbo map


(framed, horizontal)

            Plan Général des ruines et des Environs


A site-plan of the fortifications and the double-temple of Kom Ombo by the Nile River.  It was dedicated to the falcon-headed deity Horus on one side, and to the crocodile-headed god, Sobek, on the other.  Notice this is the only temple of Egypt with double aisles





6.  Vol. I, Plate 44:  Koum Ombo (Ombos)

Condition: Good

Price:                                            $199.00

View online example of image: - Kom Ombo


(matted, horizontal)

         Figures 1-8:  Sculptures et Détails du Grand Temple


Eight decorative vignettes dealing with different aspects of protecting royalty, from cobra-surrounded cartouches containing the name of the King, to a vulture carrying the symbols of eternity in its claws together with two weapons.






7.  Vol. I, Plate 59:  Edfou (Apollinopolis Magna)

         Condition: Good – two slight creases visible

                  Price:                                            $199.00

View online example of image: Edfu



(matted, horizontal)

            Figures 1-6:  Bas-reliefs et Détails du Grand Temple


Dedicated to the falcon-headed deity of Kingship, Horus, the first four figures show the five royal names of Ptolemy XII, Auletes c. 80-58 BC.  Plate five shows this King offering an ibex to Horus of Edfu, while Plate 6 shows the same King symbolically killing a turtle, a mascot of Sutekh, the deity of dischord and contentiousness.





8.  Vol. I, Plate 64:  Edfou (Apollinopolis Magna)

Condition: Good

Price:                                   $199.00

View online example of image: Edfu


(matted, horizontal)

Figures 1-3: Frise Sculptée sous la Galerie Nord, du Petit Temple


A lineup of Egypt’s major deities!!! 





9.  Vol. I, Plate 66:  El Kab (Elethyia)

Condition: Fair – a potential tear along top left

Price:                                   $349.00

View online example of image: El Kab


(matted, vertical)

Figures 1,2: Plans des Ruines et des Environs

            Figures 3,4: Vue et Plan Particulier des Edifices


Figure 1 is a dramatic rendering of a ruined temple.  The Plan of El Kab (Figure 3), one of the most ancient cities of Egypt, shows both the outer walls of the city as well as the walls of the ‘citadel’ or central city where the palace and administration buildings would have been situated.





10.  Vol. I, Plate 67:  El Kab (Elethyia)

Condition: Good

Price:                                            $399.00


View online example of image: El Kab


(matted, vertical)

            Figure 1: “Vue de l’Interieur de la Grotte Principale

            Figure 2: “Vue d’une Ancienne Carriere


One of Napoleon’s artists, A. Boutelou, has included himself and his Egyptian guide/guard in Figure 2:  the artists is dressed in comfortable Egyptian clothes, his sheathed scimitar leaning against the wall, his top-hat beside him, sketching the broken statues of the tomb’s occupants;  his guide is seated in the corner, smoking a pipe. leaning on his front-loading rifle.





11.  Vol. I, Plate 69:  El Kab (Elethyia)

Condition: Good – a slight blemish

Price:                                            $199.00

View online example of image: El Kab


(matted, horizontal)

Figures 1,2,3,4: Bas Reliefs des Grottes

Figures 5,6,7: Fragmens de Statues Trouvees dans les Ruines de la Ville


Scenes of funerary offerings, including the deceased flanked by his wife; a plowing and sowing scene. Figure 1 is especially interesting because a surviving relative is shown in a sequence of funerary ritual with a model barge carrying the coffin of many deceased, as if the result of an epidemic or war.  He gives offerings to a shrine of Anubis, the deity of embalming and guide of the soul, then symbolically stears the second funerary barge hi8mself.





12.  Vol. I, Plate 70:  El Kab (Elethyia)

Condition: Good – slight blemishes top right, top left and bottom right

Price:                                            $399.00

View online example of image: El Kab


(matted, vertical)

            Bas-Reliefs de Plusieurs Grottes


Five figures in remarkable black-and-white contrast:  Figure 1:  The tomb owner and his wife sitting in chairs with their pet monkey eating fruit under them; Figure 2: Three women on their knees clap the rhythm with their hands while a double reed flute no doubt wails the passing of the dead, accompanied by the percussion of two sticks and a harpist.  A priestess makes a ritual offering to a divine statue; Figure 3: A funerary boat with full sail and a row of oarsmen takes the sarcophagus to Abydos; Figure 4: A man plowing with two oxen; Figure 5: three rows of a detailed funerary procession showing statues being pulled, the mummy being consecrated, the Opening of the Mouth ceremony, funerary equipment being carried and food prepared for the feast, mourning women wailing and the sons of the deceased following the procession.





13.  Vol. I, Plate 71:  El Kab (Elethyia)

Condition: Good – slight blemish top right

Price:                                             $299.00 (framed)–Please note that shipping a framed print requires crating – shipping costs will be provided upon inquiry: email


View online example of image: El Kab


(framed - horizontal)

            Figures 1,2,3,4:  Plan, Coupe et Elevations d’un Petit Temple Isolé

            Figures 5-15:  Bas-reliefs des Grottes

            Figures 16,17,18: Plan et Coupes de la Grotte Principale


“Plan, view and elevations of a removed small temple;  Bas-reliefs from tombs;  Plan and view of the Principal Tomb”

This plate is rich with 10 vignettes, including a funerary feast, musicians and dancers, oxen-pulled plough and sowing, sawing wood, etc.





14.  Vol. V, Plate 17: Pyramides de Memphis

Condition:  Good

         Price:                                   $299.00

View online example of image:

5-17 Pyramids of Memphis


(matted, vertical)

            Bas Reliefs et Fragment d’Hiéroglyphes Sculptes dans les Tombeaux Situé a l’Est de la Seconde Pyramide


Seventeen figures on this Plate show scenes of everyday life carved into the walls of a Fifth Dynasty (c. 2300 BC) tomb:  the tomb owner and his family members, dancers and musicians; agricultural activities such as plowing and sowing.





15.  Vol. V, Plate 19:  Vallée du Nil et Lac Maréotis

Condition:  Good – a visible spot on lower right

Price:                                            $199.00

View online example of image: Nile Valley cross section


(matted, horizontal)

            Figures 1,2: Profils de Nivellement du lac Maréotis a la Mer

            Figure 3: Profil de la Vallée du Nil a la Hauteur des Pyramides

            Figures 4,5: Plan et Profils de la Vallée du Nil a Syout ou Lycopolix


A series of cross-sections of the Nile Valley showing the relation and elevation of Lake Mareotis (Fayuum) and the Nile River to sea level and the desert; Figures 4 and 5 show a cross-section of the Nile Valley with all its canals between the Libyan Desert (the Sahara) and the Eastern Desert.





16.  Vol. V, Plate 21:  Environs de Babylone.  Le Kaire

Condition: Good

Price:                                   $299.00

View online example of image:

5-21 Environs de Babylon


            “Details des Quatre faces d’un Obelisque Trouve ou Kaire


Historically, this fragment of an obelisk belongs to the last native Egyptian Pharaoh, Nekhtanebo II, or Nakht-Heru-Hebm

of the thirtieth (Last) Egyptian dynasty before Antaxerxes II, the Persian, marched into Egypt. 


Text of Figure 1:  (The King) who made many monuments for his father, Thoth (Hermes) the Twice Great, Lord of Khummu (Hermopolis); he erected an obelisk in his (father’s) temple, his ‘benben’ (the scared stone of Heliopolis or On) of hard sandstone, (covered) with electrum. They gave him all life and dominion like Ra!


Text of Figure 2: (King of Upper and Lower Egypt) Senedjem-ib-Ra, Son of Ra, Nekhtanebo,  (given) life like Ra!  Thoth, the Twice Great, Lord of Khummu, the Great God who is over all the common people (whom he) loves.  Given all life.





17.  Vol. V, Plate 23:  Environs de Babylone (Le Kaire)

         Condition: Good

                  Price:                                                              $199.00

View online example of image:

5-23 Environs du Babelon


(Matted, horizontal)

            Sarcophage en Forme de Momie, Trouvé sur le Bord du Nil a Boulaq


Five lines containing the entire funerary inscription along the rim of an anthropoid (mummyform) sarcophagus, including size, plan and various views of the sarcophagus itself.





18.  Vol. V, Plate 26:  Heliopolis  (The Obelisk of King Senwasret III)

Condition:  Good

Price:                                            $299.00

View online example of image:

5-26 Heliopolis Pyramid


(Matted, vertical)

            Figure 1:  Plan des Ruines at de l’Enceinte de la Ville

            Figures 2,3,4: Details de l’Oelisque


A site map of the ancient city of Heliopolis, the Biblical On, with a representation of the Obelisque of Senwosret I, Middle Kingdom (c. 1971-1926 BC)


Text of Figures 2 and 3 (the obelisk):  The Horus, Living Births;  King of Upper and Lower Egypt: Kheper-Ka-Ra; The Two Ladies (the Goddesses of the North and South, Wadjet and Nekhbet): Living Births; Son of Ra: Sen-Wosret, Beloved of the Souls of Heliopolis, (given) life for ever! The Living Horus, Beautiful God, Kheper-Ka-Ra, who celebrates his Rejuvenation Festival, Given Life For ever!





19.  Vol. V, Plate 36:  Alexandrie

         Plan, coupes et details d’une grande citerne.  Details d’une colonne avec un chapiteau en marbre.  Sarcophages, statue et cocle en granit. (Sketches, cross-section and details of a huge cistern. Details of a pillar with a marble capital.  Sarcophagus, statue, and socle made of granite.

          Condition:  Good.                     

Price:                                                               $99.00/

View online example of image:

5-36 Alexandrie details





20. Vol. 5, Plate 41: Alexandrie – Coupe et détails    

Condition: Good

Price:                                                     $149.00  (matted)

View online example of image:

5-41 Alexandria


            Figure 1-6:  Coupe et details des sculpture d’un sarcophage en breche


A late Ptolemaic sarcophagus with the distinctive sculpture and hieroglyphs of that period.






21.  Vol. V, Plate 43:  Environs d’Alexandrie. Taposiris

Condition:  Good

Price:                                            $299.00

View online example of image:

5-43 Taposiris

(matted, horizontal)

            Figure 1:  Plan General de Taposiris

            Figure 2,3,4,5: Plan, elevation er Detail d’une Enceinte Antique a Taposiris

            Figure 6.7: Plan et Elevation de la Tour dite des Arabes


Plan of the only Ptolemaic lighthouse that remains along the Mediterranean coast in Egypt, it was built by Ptolemy II Philadelphus. The lighthouse tower itself was an exact replica of the destroyed Pharos Lighthouse of Alexandria.  It stands 45 kilometers West of Alexandria next to an ancient temple to Osiris.





22.  Vol. V, Plate 47:  Papyrus, Hiéroglyphes, Inscriptions et Médailles

Pierre avec inscription, trouvée a Edfou (An inscribe stone found at Edfu); bas reliefs; autel en pierre (stone altar); buste en alabatre (alabaster bust; étoffe brodée en couleur

Condition:  Good; 

Price:                                                    $299.00

View online example of image:

5-47 Baboon with Queen, lions and other Edfu pictures






23.  Vol. V, Plate 57:  Papyrus, Hieroglyphs, Inscriptions and Stelae


Double page; 

Condition:  Excellent !                                           

Price:                                             $99.00/    (unframed, horizontal)

View online example of image:

5-57 horseback riders and inscriptions

“Different inscriptions collected along the route to Mount Sinai

            This Plate includes rock-cut drawings and graffiti in Demotic, Coptic, Greek and Arabic, mostly cursive scripts.





24.  Vol. V, Plate 58:  Papyrus, Hiéroglyphes, Inscriptions et Médailles

         Medailles des noms d’Egypt (Medallions of the Egyptian nomes)

          Canidtion:  Good            

Price:                                          $99.00

View online example of image:

5-58 Inscriptions





25.  Vol. V, Plate 66:  Collection d’Antiques

         Figures en bronze;  figures en serpentine. (Bronze and serpentine [stone] statuettes

          Condition:  Good                      


Price:                                                    $99.00

View online example of image:

5-66 Horus as Child and King statues





26.  Vol. V, Plate 67:  Collection d’Antiques

         Figures et amulettes en terre cuite.  En bronze.  En serpentine.  En verre.

         (Figurines and amulets of petter, bronze, serpentine [stone] and glass.)

          Condition:  Good                      

Price:                                                    $99.00

View online example of image:

5-67 Collection d'Antiquites





27.  Vol. V, Plate 68:  Collection d’Antiques

         Figures en bronze;  En serpentine.  En verre. (Figures of bronze, serpentine and glass)

          Condition:  Good.                     

Price:                                          $99.00

View online example of image:

5-68 Statues of Queens