Daniel Kolos Poetry Schedule for 2004


January 1, 2004 – Eugenia, Ontario


Words Aloud poets Paul Scott and Daniel Kolos read their poetry at a large arts gathering at the home of Astrid Wayman.  A Classical piano concerto and rhythm and blues follow.


January 15, 2004 – Plymouth, Michigan


The Poetry Tribe of Plymouth features Robert Taylor’s poetry

at the Plymouth Coffee Bean Co. at 7:30


Your Host for this evening:  ann…”E” M. Horvath

Guest Host: Cheri Roberts


Open Mic:  among others, Daniel Kolos reads two new poems:  ‘Dada’ and ‘Traffic’


January 16, 2004 – Detroit, Michigan


The YMCA poetry reading series at the Scarab Club co-sponsored by The Writer's Voice of the YMCA of Metropolitan Detroit and The Scarab Arts Club

located at 217 E. Farnworth at John R behind the Detroit Art Institute,

Host:  ml liebler


Features the poetry of Roger Weingarten and Clare Rossini and the opera by Kate Fetherston


Daniel Kolos and Gloria Mulcahy attended the evening on the anniversary of their first appearance at the Scarab Club on January 17, 2003, together with Penn Kemp et al.  See http://www.bmts.com/~damilos/2003readings.htm


February 10, 2004 – Art Pub, Toronto


A St. Valentine’s  Night’s Dream


“for the love of poetry: the poetry of love”



Art Bar Poetry Series

Tuesday, February 10th 2004  8 pm


Victory Café, 2nd floor

581 Markham St. (Toronto)



Clara Blackwood,

Jeff Cottrill,

Michael John Edwards,

Michael Francis,

Stephen Humphrey,

Valérie Kaelin,

Daniel Kolos,

Eric Layman,

Jaclyn Piudik


Host & Organizer

Andréa Jarmai


February 15, 2004 – North York, Ontario


The Ontario Poetry Society (TOPS)


For the Love of Poetry

at the Queen of Hearts Pub, Steeles Avenue, West of Bathurst



March 5, 2004 – London, Ontario


King’s College Library and the Centre for Creativity

of the University of Western Ontario

Launches the exhibit

Description de l’Egypte, Napoleonic era prints of Egypt


This opening will feature

a Keynote Lecture

by Royal Ontario Museum Educator

and the President of the Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities,

Gayle Gibson,


as well as Personal Anecdotes

by the Curator Emeritus of Ancient Near Eastern Art

at the Detroit Institute of Arts,

William Peck


After the talks, poets Daniel Kolos, Penn Kemp and Gloria Mulcahy will read their own poetry inspired by Ancient Egypt, followed by Middle Eastern Dancing and a Mediterranean repast.


March 20, 2004 – Bean Cellar, Owen Sound, Ontario


The Third Annual World Poetry Day celebration

Saturday night at 7:30 PM at the Bean Cellar, next to the Roxy Theatre


This annual reading is sponsored by Dialogue Poetry and UNESCO and takes place annually with poetry readings around the world.


Organized by the Words Aloud Poetry Cooperative of Grey-Bruce, this event is open to all poets who have written poetry concerning world peace.  Since this is also the time to honor the Noble Laureate poet, Pablo Neruda, poems inspired by him will also be welcome!


Host:  Daniel Kolos


Financial responsibility for this event usually depends upon the generous donations of the audience.  the poets will have books for sale and autograph.



March 21, 2004 – Elora, Ontario


The Café at the End of the Universe presents

World Poetry Celebrations

Sunday, March 21, 2004, 8:00 PM

at the Metcalf Inn, Elora, Ontario


Host:  Gordon Gilhouly


Featured poets:  Penn Kemp and Daniel Kolos

Words Aloud Poets and other translators will read Penn Kemp’s Poem For Peace in Two Voices in their various native languages.


This event is free of charge.  Car-pooling available from Durham.  Please contact Daniel Kolos for a ride:  damilos@bmts.com


April 25, 2004 – Owen Sound, Ontario


Celebrating National Poetry Month

Kozhy Korner Restaurant

is pleased to present

the Words Aloud Poetry Cooperative

Celebrating Owen Sound’s Heritage:

Where land meets water


Featured Readers:


Liz Zetlin (Markdale)

Daniel Kolos (Priceville)

Andres Musta (Scone)


Sharon Singer (Toronto)


Kozhi Korner Restaurant is at 1023 Second Avenue East

Owen Sound, Ontario (just east of 10th Street) with ample parking at the nearby mall.


Dinner (approximately $15.00 plus drinks plus taxes) at 6:00 PM

Poetry Reading at 7:30 PM (if not having dinner, a $5.00 donation is requested)


This event is sponsored by a combination of Canada Council, Kozhi Korner Restaurant and your donations.  Poets will have their books for sale and autograph.


Contact Daniel Kolos to book readings: damilos@bmts.com

Contact Kozhi Korner Restaurant to book your dinner: 519-371-8801



April 30, 2004 – Paisley, Ontario


Nature’s Millworks of Paisley is proud to present

Words Aloud Poetry Cooperative

for an evening of poetry readings

on the subject of nature and children


Daniel Kolos, representing Words Aloud Poetry Cooperative, was interviewed at Noon today by CFOS (AM) radio station and read, on air, his poem entitled Butterflies.


Reading time:  7:00 PM


This event is free of charge.  Poets will have their books for sale.

For directions and other questions, contact Nature’s Millworks: 519-353-4017



June 1, 2004 – Art Bar, Toronto


Daniel visits to hear featured poets and read two poems at open mic.



June 13, 2004, Elora Mill, Elora, Ontario

Trillium Waldorf School (Guelph) Graduation


Daniel reads his poem, Intelligence, to the graduating 7/8th grade class.




June 17, 2004, Poetry Tribe, Plymouth, Michigan

The Plymouth Coffee Bean Company


I paid a visit to this poet-friendly Poetry Tribe where nurturing emerging poets is a singular focus of the older, established poets.  The feature was good, and at open mic I read Benjamin Franklin at Versailles.  There were many open mic readings, including Van Baldwin and Annie Horwath.



June 22, 2004, Art Bar, Toronto


Daniel visits to hear featured poets and reads his poem, Benjamin Franklin at Versailles, at open mic.




June 26, 2004, Spoken Word Festival, Durham, Ontario


Daniel attends workshops with Wendy Morton and Sheri-D Wilson:

Wendy Morton taught how to write a pantoum:




She loves white gladiolas

Wears knee-high sox,

Knits memories, cleans cameras,

Looks younger than her sister.


She wears knee-high sox,

Hangs her art in galleries,

Looks younger than her sister

On bio-degradable thongs.


She hangs her art in galleries

Inspired by fresh air and poetry

On bio-degradable thongs,

She forgot her hairbrush.


Inspired by fresh air and poetry,

She loves space and asteroids,

She forgot her hairbrush,

Fears the awesome tidal waves.


She loves space and asteroids

Knits memories, cleans cameras,

Fears the awesome tidal waves,

She loves white gladiolas.


 Sheri-D’s workshop was a revelation into the soul of poetry and the power of performance.  She opened people up, layer by layer, helping them discover their playfulness (inner child?), their heart, their soul, and then encouraged them to put whatever it was they discovered into their performance.  I sweated over the erotic poem I brought to the workshop (I am putting together an erotic chapbook) dissecting it according to her instructions and learned so much I was in awe! (For a while, at least!)  I read my erotic poem, The Oily Smell Of Plastic Spoiled Her Pleasure.  This title comes from a line in “The Tomb” by Randall Garrison, published in personal pronouns, Cellar Roots, Eastern Michigan Student Media, April, 2004, p. 31.


Scented and naked, she approached her bed

perfume behind her ears,

roll-stick under her arms,

grape-rinse between her legs.


“I’m ready,” she said,

but the limp brute on her bed

with grime on his unshaven face,

three days of sweat festering in his armpits,

the oily smell of plastic all over his skin

and the odor of piss between his legs

had fallen asleep.


“Just as well,” she muttered to herself

and lay down on the couch

her fingers dipped into scented oil.




July 1, 2004, Springwood Heights, Priceville, Ontario


Second annual poetry reading while celebrating Canada Day with a lamb roast.




July 2, 2004, Local Colour Art Garden Opening,

Flesherton, Ontario


I am one of several Words Aloud poets to take part in this sixth annual poetry reading when local Flesherton Art Gallery presents its outdoor sculptures to the public.  Poetry, music and drumming.



July 20, 2004 – Art Bar, Toronto


Attend readings with Colline Caulder, David Newell and Andrea Jarmai;

read three short poems at open mic.


July 31, 2004 – Sakkara Conference, Allegan, Michigan


Daniel Kolos organizes the second annual poetry reading at this festival of health and healing with a link to the ancient World: readers include:

Jean Nonman, Trish Harris, Kiera (Beverley Spicer), Rick Hasbargen, Jerry McBean, Jane Ellis, Frank Fileccia, Linda Lackas and Linda Margaret Ritz


August 6, 2004 – Organic Buddha – Toronto

attended poetry reading evening


August 8, 2004 - Toronto's Original Experimental Sessions (TOES) at the Oasis Restaurant, Toronto


Organizer: Alan Glicksman – music and poetry


Poets performing: 

David Sugarman, Jon Radojkovic and Daniel Kolos


Musicians accompanied and underscored the readings with piano, woodwinds and percussion, including a spontaneous voice-over by a singer!



August 14-15, 2004 – Parry Sound - Third Annual Poetry Bash - see: http://www.poetrybash.ca/

Poetry Bash 2004
Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada



September 4, 2004 – Nature’s Millworks – Paisley, Ontario:  Queen’s Bush Book and Author’s Fair


Daniel Kolos is one of many book exhibitors and reads from his recently published poetry book, Slipped Out


September 7, 2004 – Art Bar, Toronto

Daniel visits to hear Di Brand and Penn Kemp read and reads two poems at open mic

September 12 – visit Eden Mills Literary Festival


September 14 – Art Bar, Toronto

Visit to hear John Robert Colombo read his poetry


Autumn Equinox Peace Festival

At Nature’s Dance, Chatsworth

North Indian Classical Music, Ragas for Peace

Ron Allen & Ensemble,

Master of the Bamboo Flute & Recording Artist


Poetry Readings by Local Poets for Peace

Members of Words Aloud Poetry Cooperative

Daniel Kolos, Beverly Viljakainen, Liz Zetlin & Paul Scott

Tuesday, September 21st

6-7pm Labyrinth Walk

7-7:30 Circle Dances for Peace in the Barn

7:30 Music & Poetry Concert

Concert - Adults$15 Children $5 (at the door)

Bring a cushion or folding chair





October 15-20, 2004


The Pendas Poets’ Tour


Slipped Out, a Poetry collection by Daniel Kolos, was published in 2003 by Pendas Productions of London, Ontario as the Pendas Poetry Series #2.  Since then several excellent poetry books followed and I am pleased to announce the following readings of the Pendas Poets:


October 15, Friday, 7:00 PM
Guelph, Pages Coffeehouse,  It's on the U of G campus, up over the
university bookstore.  The bookstore will take care of selling books.

Readers:  Marianne Micros, Penn Kemp, Katerina Fretwell, Gloria Alvernaz Mulcahy, Daniel Kolos


October 16, Saturday,  2:00 PM
Orangeville, BookLore, 121 First Street, Credit Creek Village South (a mall)

Take Highway 10 North, turn left at First Street. BookLore is located in Orangeville's Credit Creek Village Plaza at the corner of Hansen Boulevard and First Street.
Host:  Nancy Frater (519-942-3830)
Readers:  Marianne Micros, Penn Kemp, Katerina Fretwell, Pat Keeney, Gloria Alvernaz Mulcahy, Daniel Kolos


October 16, Saturday, 7:00 PM
Sutton, Art Centre,
149 High Street, Sutton Ontario
Readers:  Marianne Micros, Penn Kemp, Katerina Fretwell, Pat Keeney, Gloria Alvernaz Mulcahy, Daniel Kolos

October 17, Sunday, 2:00 PM
Kingston, Novel Idea, 156 Princess St., Kingston, ON K7L 1A9
Host:  Oscar Malan (613 546 9799)
Readers:  Patience Wheatley, Penn Kemp, Katerina Fretwell, Gloria Alvernaz Mulcahy, Daniel Kolos


October 17, Sunday, 8:00 PM
Ottawa: Rasputin's Folk Café, 696 Bronson Avenue, Ottawa,

Host: Dean Verger, dean.verger@rasputins.ca and www.rasputins.ca
Readers: Susan McMaster, Penn Kemp, Katerina Fretwell, Gloria Alvernaz Mulcahy, Emily Hearn, Daniel Kolos


October 20th, Wednesday, 7:00 PM
Stratford, Public Library

Contact Person:  Anne Marie Heckman: aheckman@city.stratford.on.ca
Readers:  Charles Mountford, Di Brandt, Susan McMaster, Penn Kemp, Gloria Alvernaz Mulcahy, Daniel Kolos



October 26, 2004 – Keady Market (Bruce County, Ontairo)


Liz Zetlin performs Random  Acts of Poetry throughout the week, and I accompany her to Keady market and take photos of her readings.



November 5, 2004 – University of  Western Ontario, London:


Penn Kemp and Gloria Alvernaz Mulcahy launch their book and CD, Gathering Voices,


Daniel Kolos, along with Johnny Fansher and others read translations of Penn Kemp’s Poem for Peace in Many Voices.

November 21, 2004 – The Ontario Poetry Society, Renaissance Café, Toronto


Daniel Kolos, a TOPS member, reads poems along with other members.



November 26, 2004 – Peepabum, Ontario


Daniel Kolos and Donna Pescoe read their poetry at a private dinner party.



November 28, 2004 – Pendas Productions Open House


Penn Kemp, Gloria Alvernaz Mulcahy, Charles Mountfort and Daniel Kolos read from their recently published poetry books.  Daniel also read, along with Penn Kemp, the ancient Egyptian translation of Penn’s Poem for Peace in Many Voices;  the poem was also read in Kikuyu, the 99th translation so far!!!



December 1, 2004 – “We Still Got Words” poetry reading series at the Ivy Lounge in Toronto:


David Klink and Andrea Jarmai read their poetry.


Daniel Kolos and others read at Open Mic.



Daniel Kolos was a featured reader at 27 poetry events this year, in addition to attending the Highway 4 writer’s group bi-weekly workshop and visiting 20 or more poetry readings featuring other Canadian and American poets.  The latter has been a real inspiration!


December 26, 2004