January 20, Thursday

Plymouth, Michigan, 7:00 PM


Daniel Kolos visits the Poetry Tribe to hear Cheri Roberts feature reading and reads his own poems on open mic.


February 3, Sunday

Toronto, 1:00 PM


The Ontario Poetry Society gathers at the Renaissance Café on the Danforth for an afternoon of poetry readings. Daniel Kolos, a member of TOPS, will join in the readings.


February 15, Tuesday

Wingham, Ontario, 7:00 PM


Daniel Kolos joins local poets for an evening of poetry, guest of Joan Van de Meer


February 24, Thursday

Toronto, 7:0 PM


Rustic Cosmo Café Features Sharon Singer,

                                                          Linda Stitt

                                                                   Joe Fromstein

in a medley of erotic poetry

Daniel Kolos reads at open mic


March 2, Wednesday

Toronto, 7:30 PM


We Still Got Words poetry reading series features

Pendas poets Marianne Micros (Guelph)

                             Emily Hearn (Toronto)

                                      and Daniel Kolos (Priceville)

at the I.V Lounge, Hosted by Violet Fodor, v_fodor@yahoo.com

Dundas Street, just West of McCall, across from the Art Gallery of Ontario


See photos of Daniel, taken at this reading by Jerry Shoot at




April 3, Sunday

Fort Wayne, Indiana

2:00 PM


Daniel Kolos will be reading poetry at Fort Wayne’s Natural Food Coop


April 4, Monday

Fort Wayne, Indiana

7:00 PM



Daniel Kolos will be the featured poet at Mitchell Books (6360 West Jefferson Blvd. in Fort Wayne, INDIANA) on Monday evening April 4th.  Rumor has it that Gandalf Slick will also be reading that evening.  We are going to try to arrange an interview with Daniel for the ACCESS program with Sandra Lynch on Angels Talk:  Soul Relationships.

Figure 1 - Daniel Kolos at Mitchell's Books


April 6, Wednesday

South Haven, Michigan

7:00 PM


Daniel Kolos will be reading poetry at the Blue Star Theater

422 Eagle Street, South Haven



April 7, Thursday

Plymouth, Michigan

7:00 PM


Penn Kemp and Gloria Mulcahy read from their poetry book on women artists, Gathering Voices, hosted by Ann “E” Horwath and co-hosted by Daniel Kolos

Daniel will also read recent poems

at the Plymouth Coffee Bean Company


Poetry Tribe Series is hosted at The Plymouth
Coffee Bean Company at 884 Penniman Avenue in
Plymouth every first and third Thursday at 7:30
p.m. during winter months and 8 p.m. during
summer months. All events are FREE and open to
the general public. The Poetry Tribe is directed
and hosted by ann "E" (M.) Horvath with co-
hosting by Melissa Wilson Mike Barney, Rachel
Schreiber, and Robert George Taylor.



April 8, Friday

Windsor, Ontario

7:30 PM


Pendas Poets perform at Artcite, an artist coop Gallery

109 University

Hosted by Ann Beard

Featured poets:  Penn Kemp, Charles Mountford, Katerina Fretwell, Gloria Mulcahy and Di Brandt.

Daniel Kolos accompanied Penn Kemp in performing several of Penn’s sound poetry;  Daniel also joins Liberty Daniels and others in performing the Poem for Peace in Many Voices, by Penn Kemp, in its several translations:  English (in sound poetry), Hungarian (With Ann Beard), Latin and ancient Egyptian (with Penn Kemp).

See photo of Daniel and Penn at this performance at



April 10, Sunday

Owen Sound, Ontario

6:00 PM


Wisdom of Women and Children

Poetry readings with featured poets

Katerina Fretwell

Penn Kemp (http://www.mytown.ca/pennkemp/)

Gloria Alvernaz Mulcahy

Daniel Kolos (www.bmts.com/~damilos/poetry.html)

Emily Hearn

at the Kozhi Korner Curry House

1023 2nd Avenue East (just East of 10th Street)

Owen Sound - 519-371-8801

Please make Dinner Reservations for 6:00 PM:

$14.95 for an open buffet

Poets will have their books/CDs for sale, so please come prepared

$5.00 will be collected at the door

This event is part of National Poetry Month and is funded by

The League of Canadian Poets (www.poets.ca )and Canada Council

Wisdom of Women and Children is the second in a series of annual poetry readings

at Kozhi Korner organized by Words Aloud Poetry Cooperative of Grey/Bruce



At 01:00 AM 15/04/2005 -0400, Daniel Kolos wrote:

To the Owen Sound readers - Many thanks!!!

I believe the Owen Sound Reading on April 10th created one of the best
'ambiances' where the venue, the audience and the poets came together


Hi Penn,

Here is the story you requested regarding the Poetry reading in Owen Sound on Sunday, April 10th.

Jody Johnson


Owen Sound

tel: (519) 376-2030 ext 228

Its National Poetry Month.

The Words Aloud Poetry Cooperative of Grey/Bruce featured a few poets last night (SUN) in Owen Sound at the Kozhy Korner Curry House.

5 poets were on hand to share their pieces on "Wisdom of Women and Children."

The poets include Emily Hearn from Toronto, Katerina Fretwell from Parry Sound, Penn Kemp and Gloria Alvernaz Mulcahy, both from London and local resident Daniel Kolos from Priceville.

Poet and editor of Pendas Productions, Penn Kemp says its important to perform the art of spoken word.

She says its lovely to be read to, adding spoken word is a lost art.

All five poets have been published by Pendas Productions, a small publishing company that has recently relocated to London.




April 16:  Saturday

St. Mary's, Ontario, 2:00 PM


St. Mary's Public Library hosts Pendas Poets

Organizer: Charles rcmountford@rogers.com
Charles Mountford,

Katerina Fretwell,

Penn Kemp,

Gloria Alvernaz Mulcahy,

Daniel Kolos

Read a review of this event:  www.mytown.ca/germination/reviews


April 22, Friday

Cambridge,  Massachusetts, 8:00 PM


Out of the Blue Gallery

106 Prospect Street


WORD BEAT (the meeting of the minds)

An open mic for the people

hosted by The Ever Venting Victor



Daniel Kolos was one of five poets reading at open mic

Victor’s inspiration comes from the Beat poets and he read Kerouac and Ginsberg in addition to his own poetry.


April 28:  Thursday

Toronto, Ontario, 7:30 PM


Rustic Cosmo Café

Hosted by Nigel Wolf

features Daniel Kolos reading his recent poetry and launching his new CD (April, 2005)


April 29:  Friday

Parry Sound, Ontario, 7:00 PM


- Station Gallery in Parry Sounds hosts Pendas Poets book launch

Organizer: Katerina Fretwell jackf@zeuter.com
Readers: Katerina Fretwell, Penn Kemp, Gloria Alvernaz Mulcahy, Daniel Kolos, Terry Ann Carter, Roger H. Gould.

Penn will be performing a sound opera, Trance Dance Form (forthcoming from Pendas), with that marvellous improviser and cellist Brenda Muller and dancer Wave Weir.




May 1, Sunday

Eugenia, Ontario, 8:00 PM


Astrid Wayman hosts a May Day celebration of poetry and music:  Words Aloud poets Jon Radojkovic, Paul Scott and Daniel Kolos will be among the participants.


June 2, Thursday

Plymouth, Michigan, 7:00 PM


Daniel Kolos is the featured poet for The Poetry Tribe,

performing at the Plymouth Coffee Bean Company


Poetry Tribe Series is hosted at The Plymouth
Coffee Bean Company at 884 Penniman Avenue in
Plymouth every first and third Thursday at 7:30
p.m. during winter months and 8 p.m. during
summer months. All events are FREE and open to
the general public. The Poetry Tribe is directed
and hosted by ann "E" (M.) Horvath with co-
hosting by Melissa Wilson, Mike Barney, Rachel
Schreiber, and Robert George Taylor.





The Poetry Tribe
of Plymouth Series



Poetry at the Plymouth Coffee Bean Co. meets
the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month at 7:30 P.M.

Director, Producer, & Hostess: ann…”E” M. Horvath 

Alternate Host;  CARL CUTLER


Author of a book on Egyptian hieroglyphs, Daniel Kolos is currently working
on a book of erotic poetry. He produced documentaries on the ancient Near
East for CBC Radio and founded Benben Books in 1983. CBC Radio also produced
one of his plays, "A Modern Mystery School" in 1983. Daniel writes short
stories (The Whole Earth Review, #82, Spring, 1994) and his first poetry
collection, "Slipped Out" was published by Pendas Productions in 2003.  His
first novel, "Tutankhamun's Regent,"  is currently looking for a publisher.
Daniel coordinates the activities of the Words Aloud Poetry Cooperative of
Grey/Bruce in Ontario, Canada. (1970s)  "Kolos injects Canadian poetry with
a lewd enthusiasm it often lacks." Catherine Owen (Richmond, BC, July 5/04)


DIRECTIONS FROM DETROIT AND ANN ARBOR From Detroit, take I-96 to M-14, or From Ann Arbor take M-14 to the Plymouth/Sheldon Road exit. Exit toward Plymouth.  Then, left (South) at the light and go to Penniman Avenue (it's Penniman on the left, North Territorial Road on the right).  Turn left (East) onto Penniman.  The Plymouth Coffee Bean Company is on the left side of the street at 884 Penniman Avenue at Harvey Street, next to the Post Office in Downtown Plymouth.

If you have any questions, please contact
ann..."E" Horvath, poetanne40@aol.com, or Rachel Schreiber, rbschreiber@sbcglobal.net 

Thanks to the owner of the Plymouth Coffee Bean, Steve,
for allowing us to use his establishment.

**Email Recipients: If you no longer wish to receive this notice, please, send an Email addressed to poetanne40@aol.com stating "Cancel THE POETRY TRIBE OF PLYMOUTH SERIES."  Thank you.** All announcements subject to change.




from Michael Barney on June 3, 2005


Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your reading last night,
and thank you for inspiring a renewed interest in the works of Rumi.
By the way, the French surrealist poet I had in mind was Robert
Desnos; if you haven't read him, you should.

Last, I thought you might like the pic I snapped last night of you
working, so I've attached it...

Hope to see you soon, and good luck to your mother on her proposed move.

Mike Barney
"Beauty lasts only so long as it is seen.
Goodness remains beautiful forever."


From Annie E. Horwath on June 4, 2005:


Dear Daniel,


Ideas seem to come down to you from the tops of Pyramids and shelves of books.  Your poetry is bursting with such wonderful philosophies;  they touch us and open us to new perceptions and possibilities.


We must do this again sometimes.


As always,





Sincerely and with great appreciation,  
Ms. Annie Horvath
Director & Host: The Poetry Tribe of Plymouth Series
Poetry Editor Ex-Officio: The MacGuffin, Schoolcraft College
Editor: The Poetry Tribe Review Anthology
Member of the Advisory Board for the Springfed Arts
Metro Detroit Writers  --  Plymouth Area


-----  To realize the value of someone you love, lose a partner,  a soul mate, a friend: THE TRUTH WITHIN YOURSELF... . -----


September 21, 2005

Celebrating George Faludy’s 95th Birthday!!!

Fooliar Press Book Launch of Faludy in English

The Friends of George Faludy in North America

would like the pleasure of your company for


An Evening


the Poetry of

George Faludy


an evening of readings and conversation

to honour the poetry and 95th birthday

of Hungarian-Canadian poet

George Faludy.

with Daniel Kolos

as MC


Wednesday 21st September 2005

7:00 – 10:00 p.m.

Toronto Reference Library

[Yonge & Bloor]


We will also be welcoming a new collection

of English translations from the Hungarian

of George Faludy titled


Faludy in English:

 Translations from the Poems of

George Faludy by John Robert Colombo,

Andréa Jarmai and George Jonas.


Two of the poems in Faludy in English were written while

George Faludy was living in Toronto from 1967 through 1989.

In 1978, George Faludy was awarded an honorary doctorate

from the University of Toronto.


If you are interested in contributing to the evening by reading a poem

 of George Faludy’s, you are encouraged to do so. An open stage

will be held following the scheduled readings for a limited

number of readers. Readings will be held

 in Hungarian and English.


Copies of Faludy in English in a numbered limited edition

will be available.


We look forward to seeing you.


Sincerely yours,


The Friends of George Faludy in North America



Information | David Newel [416] 217-0260 / fooliar@sympatico.ca





7:00  OPEN

7:10  BEGIN: DANIEL Outline evening [Faludy in English, Guest Book, Readers, etc]


DANIEL  Outline/define the evening including listing the “readers.”

DANIEL  Talking about Faludy: family connection, anecdotes

DANIEL  Reading Prefatory Note/Greeting from John Robert Colombo

DANIEL  Reading Poem Requested by John Robert Colombo

DANIEL  Reading “Aunt Lilly’s Faludy Poems” [2]


DANIEL  Introduces each of the following:


IBI GABORI  Talking about Faludy/Poem

WILLIAM KOSARAS  Talking about Faludy/Poem

FRASER SUTHERLAND  Talk/Reading Poem [The Finches]

DR. STEPHEN LAZAROVITS  Talking about Faludy/Poem

GRACE  WESTCOTT  Outline “Park for Faludy”/Letter from David Miller


DANIEL  Introduces Andréa [reading from Faludy in English]


ANDREA  Talking about Faludy/Eric

ANDREA  Reading two George Jonas translations from Faludy in English

ANDREA  Reading two JRC translations from Faludy in English

ANDREA  Reading her translations from Faludy in English


8:20  BREAK: DANIEL  Faludy in English is available/sign up for Open Stage [Talk/Poem in English or Hungarian, LIMIT 2-3 minutes each reader].


8:40  OPEN STAGE: DANIEL INTRODUCES EACH / number determined by the time remaining]

  3 readers sign up, including Daniel, who reads Ode to Villon from his book, Slipped Out.

9:20  FINISH PRESENTATIONS: Andréa happy to sign your copy of Faludy in  English.





October 12, 2005

The Peacemakers of Holland, Michigan

present Daniel Kolos, Peace Poet,

Performing Penn Kemp’s

Poem for Peace in Many Voices

at the Leaf and Bean’s Third Space,

19th and Columbia, Holland

7:00 p.m.

PS:  the event was videotaped and broadcast three times the following week on local community channels.  The participants, the performer and the author received a copy of the video.


October 14, 2005

South Haven, Michigan

7:00 PM

at Ascensions

Daniel Kolos will be reading poetry at the Blue Star Theater

422 Eagle Street, South Haven




October 26, 2005

   Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2005 18:51:42 -0000
   From: "Andreas" <harmonia@execulink.com>
Subject: Podium at the Gallery Reading Series - October 26

The Forest City Gallery presents "The Podium at the Gallery" Reading
Series continuing on Wednesday October 26th from 8:00 to 10:00pm.
Featured readers are Wayne Ray, Charles Mountford and Daniel Kolos.
Music by Carole Allison. Spoken Word open mic as well! Free

This is a new series that takes place on the 4th Wednesday of the
month  (excluding December).

Forest City Gallery, 352 Talbot St. (between York and King), London, Ontario.

Andreas Gripp
Literary Coordinator
Forest City Gallery
352 Talbot St.
London, Ontario



November 4, 2005



At The Grey Owen Sound Public Library

Admission price:  donation.

For almost 90 years, Tom Thomson has been inspiring artists to express this land.  Gritty, gutsy, giving, dogged and moody, his spirit matched the unpredictable world he portrayed.  Now these poets, young and old, step through Tom’s doorway and discover a sensual and gripping world of their own.  


Listen in to these poetic sketches of Tom Thomson and our contemporary world,

featuring readings by select experienced and new authors, including Liz Zetlin, Daniel Kolos and Anne Wellwood, Lynn Wyville, and Ezra Braves, with special musical guest David Sereda.



BRUSH STROKES is an offshoot off “Brush”, a theatrical work-in-progress, a production of Sheatre.


Sheatre acknowledges the generous funding of: The Trillium Foundation, Cultural Capitals of Canada, HRSDC, The George Lunan Foundation, Theatre Ontario Youth Theatre Training Program through the Ontario Arts Council, The Grey Bruce Community Foundation, The Jamieson Foundation, Bayshore Broadcasting, Mixed Company through the George Cedric Metcalf Foundation, and offers special thanks to: The members of the Brush collective, The Tom Thomson Memorial Art Gallery, Leith Church, M’Wikwedong Native Cultural Centre, John Casey, Joan Chandler, David Sereda, Bruce Gables, St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, and first and last, Tom Thomson.




November 5, 2005



November 5, 2005


2-4 pm


A Celebration of Poetry

My Green Garden

809 Dundas Street
London ON N5W 5P6

(519) 435-1498

 LONDON POETS FEATURED on this International Day of Poetry

Souwesto poets will be holding a poetry reading on Saturday, November 5, at My Green Garden, 809 Dundas Street, London, at 2 pm as part of International Day of Poetry, http://poetsagainstthewar.org/.  This international, grass-roots event features readings by poets in many sites around the world!  London is joining other cities in holding readings featuring peace poems on November 5, 2005.  Poets Against the War came into being after U.S.  First Lady Laura Bush planned to host a celebration of American poetry at the White House on February 12, 2003.  This "Poetry and the American Voice" symposium was cancelled after several prominent poets declined her invitation in anti-war protest.


The London reading includes Patricia Black, Julie Glaser, Andreas Gripp, Carla Hartsfield, Penn Kemp, Daniel Kolos, Sheila Martindale, Gloria Alvernaz Mulcahy, David John Paul, John Tyndall and Hiedi Vamvalis.  Daniel Kolos will be M.C.  We will also be launching an anthology only the sea keeps: Poetry of the Tsunami.  Just published in the U.S., India and Canada, it includes moving poems about ongoing natural disasters by Andreas, Carla, Ellen Jaffe, Penn and John B. Lee.

All welcome.  Hear a poem; read a poem.  Admission by donation, pwyc.  Buy a book... any book... or a CD!  Poets’ books/cds will all be available.