I Thot


I had a frend, zend, a poet,

hu taut me hungairean

(again – I hed forgot’n)

becaz, he sed,

it waz a fonetik langwidge.


We playd word gaims

and roard with laffter

as our tungs trippt over

fonetik germin, frenetic French

and eloosive English.

I thot it wus a gaim.


Then my frend zend dide

and I thot this junre dide with him.

Won day, tho, my frend penn

tuke me to teros gallery

wher bill bissett

handed us pote’ry

that luked all tu familier.


Yu rote this?  I askd

bill just smild.

So the fonetik junre

is not ded after all!

I cude have kiss’d him.

But I thot I better not.


Daniel Kolos

March 8, 2004

Priceville, Ontario

Coordinator of Words Aloud Poetry Cooperative

“Slipped Out” selected poetry published by Pendas Productions, London, Ontario, 2003