Guest poets:


Adrian van der Meijden is a role model for full-capacity brain usage.  In a world where most of us are accused using only 5-10% of our brains, usually because we are trapped by linear, sequential, abstract concepts in a format of dualism, we dismiss anything that even seems irrational, forgetting that even the best scientists find random meaning in the Chaos theory.  Adrian is not afraid of irrationality.  His essays pepper the pages of the Karl Jaspers Forum and I have been privileged in carrying on a personal e-mail correspondence with him since 1999.  It took a long time to convince Adrian to allow me to feature his poetry on my website. 

Daniel Kolos, February 28, 2005



Lotus eaters  42/2/2005

by Adrian van der Meijden


I watch telly, ignoring the grass outside doing green,

Bravely putting out flowers to catch the sun,

Regardless of storms, cows and motor mowers

Being distracted by terrors, dangers, violence,

insanities like growing rich, being successful

And saints turning their backs on humanity

Made to believe they are powerless,

Victims of an insufferable fate

Engineered, spindoctored into reality

To distract us from our true goal,

Self determination, being in touch,

Exploring potentials one is not told about,

But there all the same for all of us.


Crabs in a beach pool, waiting for prey

Unaware of being watched and waited for.

Groper in caves, mouth ready to open and suck in prey,

Hinds pregnant while eating grass, quite aware of predators,

Maybe somewhat fearful but alive all the same.

Meerkats standing upright in treetops, watchful of dangers.

Pretty seahorses nibbling what feeds on leaves

Eagles fly overhead, using the wind, watchful for food,

Salmon swimming upstream to spawn,

Cranes high stilted dipping beaks for fish

All beautifully integrated to continue life itself.

An albatross awaft on the wind, wings ready

with nowhere to lay down its head,

Minimal effort at its best.

Elephants, curious noses turned into farce.


Minds all intent on survival, with warning signs

that yield evolution and finally, us, humans,

A so far solution, not quite perfected yet

To encompass a whole that escapes our insight

But which we yearn to attain, while distracted

Away from returning home, when all the time

We are there already, the whole provided

By something intent to explore, grow, learn

to have itself aware beyond the merely local

But needing it in order to explore itself.


Ahh, the riddle of the universe, wat are we here for?

Untill that turns obvious and clear, there is no joy

Anywhere to be had, when it is here always.

Prophets, dictators, wannabees, a caring mimicry

Like Mephistopheles buying Faustus' soul;

An earl confessing his sins but not understood.

Quixote fantasising whores into angels;

Which has a metaphysical level of meaning as well.

Woeful Dante in search of love and redemption.

Alchemy hiding it into a secret it tells all of us about.

As if Tyrants don't already know how to use it,

So doing innocents not a great deal of good.

Orpheus in search of Euridyce in his underworld,

An everlasting theme in search of reality;

Pantagruel laughing at the world's follies.

Is it a cosmic joke or a tragedy?