Love Now


Fall in love, fall into meaning;

fall into harmony, fall into shit.

But fall and let your soul catch you

in her soft, loving arms.


Decide whom to vote for,

decide how much you give to charity,

decide you’re ready to heal yourself,

but decide and get on with it!


Stop fearing the imaginable,

stop fearing the frivolous;

give up the fear, one by one,

but respect the danger.


Love yourself, your innermost,

love another as yourself;

love as if there was no tomorrow,

but love in a way that lasts.




Written while traveling from Ontario, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York back to Ontario between April 27 and May 6th, 2011.  This poem was inspired by a line from James Hillman, “fall into meaning,” from his book, Senex and Puer. 


That line reconnected me with a series of didactic aphorisms I wrote in June, 1977 when I spent many hours meditating in the Great Pyramid of Khufu, at Giza, Egypt.  Those aphorisms were published in The Alchemist, of which I was the editor at the time, a monthly publication of Toronto Lodge, a group of dedicated Rosicrucian, AMORC, students.  This poem reflects the ideals of that group, that through knowledge and experimentation, using the world as our laboratory, we learn to improve ourselves and each other.


Hillman’s reference to falling into meaning illustrated the potentially boundless, and, by implication, ‘crazy’ state of mind: when you fall in love, all reason leaves.  When you fall into meaning, all reason leaves once again and the hapless convert, in turn, wants to convert everyone to his or her new meaning.  Then Hillman goes on to say or teach that it is through the soul that both love and meaning are cushioned and made to last.


Durham, ON

May 20, 2011