Matrix Shift Cycles


7 year   our   Matrix  - Matrix description         -                               Concept            cycle

cycle   age    name                                                                                                      pattern


1          1-6       Mother            - establishing a safe place from which to explore

the unknown and receiving tribal rules          N/A                       1


2         7-13      Nature – the concrete world of the five senses      -   concrete logic          2

                                    physical survival and relationship with the world


3        14-20     Intellect – education of the mind or the ability

to think and the positioning of the ego      abstract logic         3


4       21-27      Heart – the emotions connect to spirituality          -  public religion and/or

            personal greatness  4


5      28-34       Voice – Sort through tribal rules and make up      -   public leadership/

                                    new ones; find one’s own voice                     self-confidence       5


6     35-41        Purpose – identify intent and achieve purpose      public achievement

                                    establish metaphysical relationships              open Third Eye      6


7    42-48         Self-Mastery – become centered and teach           -             universality

                                    through role modeling                                    open Crown Chakra 7


8    49-55         Health – the role of body parts, glands, organs     -  inner self                     1

                                    systems, cell structure


9   56-62          Ecology – the role of the earth, the sun, the water – dowsing/                    2

                                    plants and animals, planets and galaxies       subtle energies


10  63-69         Self-Realization – ability to make cellular and     -   co-creation                   3

                                    molecular changes, reprogram DNA


11   70-76        Sacred Heart   - emotions connect with universal – divinity                    4

                                    forces, development of compassion


12    77-83       Teacher – thought word and deed impacts others -   ascended master      5


13    84-90       Divine Network – able to connect past, present    -   angel                       6

                                    and future in an eternal Here and Now


14    91-96       Ma’at – ability to live in harmony in the midst of chaos                          7





Notes: Matrix Shift is a concept introduced by Joseph Chilton Pearce in his book, The Magical Child

1. At each Matrix Shift cycle, three different processes are going on:

A.    the individual is fully ensconced in its current Matrix

B.    …is distancing him/herself from the previous Matrix

C.    …is busy exploring the next Matrix

2. Even though we distance ourselves from previous Matrices, we never forget the experience and the concepts we learned from them:  we only leave our dependence on previous Matrices behind


3. The above Matrix Shift Cycles Chart  (The Chart) follows the Hindu Chakra system which is the equivalent of the human endocrine gland system.  The best description of how the first set of seven Chakras affect us is probably that of Carolyn Myss, in her book, Anatomy of Spirit.


4. The Chart comprises two cycles of seven Matrix Shifts each.  It is likely that there is a third and fourth cycle, even though most of us do not live long enough to evolve into them.


5. All Matrices exist within us at the moment of birth!  Therefore, even infants, toddlers, teenagers and adults of any age will manifest moments of all the Matrices even as they are functioning in a specific Matrix and are primarily exploring their next Matrix. 


 6. Only those who have become settled into the various Matrices are capable of recognizing moments of other Matrix manifestations in others.  The rest of society may believe that such manifestations are either Hallucinations or Mental illness.  These and other labels are defensive responses of people no longer exploring any new Matrices.


7. Cycle patterns manifest in the Chart. 

A.    The first three Matrices - 1, 2, 3 - in each of the two cycles occur outside the body

B.    The fourth Matrix has to do with one or more of the Heart functions.  For a study of these functions, see Joseph Chilton Pearce, The Biology of Transcendence.

C.    The next three Matrices - 5, 6, 7 -repeat the functions of the first three within the body


8. The functions of the cycle patterns are as follows:

1.     processing an information system

2.     establishing relationships based on that information system

3.     positioning oneself within the parameters of that information system

4.     finding a function that will elevate us out of that information system, give us the ability to modify it, and launch us into the next evolution of information systems


9. The second cycle of seven Matrices are based on my personal experience.  My observation, however, is that other individuals may either follow a different set of Matrices, necessary for their own development, or the vastness of the second cycle Matrices is such that, although we may be going through the same exploration, we are actually exploring different areas of aspect of the Matrix and, therefore, may not recognize each other’s path.  One certain aspect of the latter, which leads to constant misunderstanding is the language or jargon one develops while exploring a new Matrix.

Two complimentary systems may look completely diverse to their creators or to third parties only because their nomenclature is different.


10. Although Carolyn Myss predicted that entering a new Matrix may cause the individual to be excommunicated from society, traditional coming-of-age rituals also render the participants into a liminal state.  See van Geenep, A. (1960) The rites of passage (Chicago, 1909: University of Chicago Press).  While the exploration of a new Matrix may take up to seven years, partial or full reintegration into society always follows.  In most societies the participant is equipped to survive this temporary separation from the tribe.  In Western society where social rites have been largely discontinued, survival, especially psychological survival, is no longer a given.


11.  Each Matrix after the fourth may seem like cutting a new path not previously traveled by others.  Yet, most people will recognize one or two aspects of any Matrix within their own experiences even if they lack the discipline to finish the full exploration of a Matrix. 


12. The words of St. Paul, that “I am in the world but am not of the world,” ring true in the second cycle of Matrices.  Yet, like the early Christians, and Jesus’ own role modeling, there is no conflict between the world, or culture, and the individual Matrix Shift explorer.  All exploration is done as a form of personal study, often as a private daily practice, meditation or prayer, and in no way interferes with the normal cycles of mainline culture, nor threatens it.


13.  However, even Pearce noted that having missed some of the grounding Matrices, people will use their exploration and development of the next Matrix entirely for defensive purposes:  not having experienced a safe place from which to explore, people are left to manipulate the Matrices they get to explore to force their surroundings to conform to their wishes or fantasies.  It is a matter of insecurity driving them and overriding or sidetracking all biological imperatives.  Thus, an insecure religious individual will tend to become a fundamentalist, extremist believer and see all nonbelievers as a threat.  An insecure teacher will only reveal selected parts of their truth for fear their students will use the teachings against them.  Insecurity has a multitude of manifestations and it is imperative that a Matrix Shift Explorer continues exploring even in the face of criticism and belittling, because Matrix shifts seem to be age-related and, therefore, time sensitive.


14. Pearce has shown scientific evidence that when the development of a human fetus is interrupted, for example by a traumatic experience of the mother, when that development continues, it does not continue from the moment of the interruption, but, rather, from the point where it would have been if that development had not been interrupted!!!  In other words, the genetic code of a developing fetus is time sensitive.  Pearce has also shown in The Magical Child and his subsequent books that at least the first four Matrices are also genetically coded and timed, although cultural and parental manipulation can speed up the process and young kids, for example, can be intellectually trained before they feel secure in the concrete world.


15. Since no human beings are free from some form of trauma, physical or emotional, the genetic code must include an ‘over-ride’ so that missed opportunities can be compensated in some way.  The active-passive cycle exhibited by toddlers may be a clue to this compensation.  After a period of intense exploration, a toddler will sit and stare into space.  Parents are deathly afraid of this phenomenon, thinking that their child is unconscious or on the verge of losing its mind.  But Pearce has categorically shown that the child is, in fact, processing information.  Pythagorian meditation, Christian prayer, Buddhist meditation, monastic contemplation, or any such seemingly passive, thoughtful activity will allow the human mind to process the information of thinking, talking and experience.  It is also in such passive activity that intuition and insight enters, possibly injecting missing portions of experience into the individual’s information system buildup.


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