Poetry Publications – Daniel Kolos


Published Books:


1.  Slipped Out,  (London, 2003:  Pendas Productions)

2.  From One Child to Another (Shelburne, 2007: The Battered Silicon Dispatch Box)




1.  Slipped Out (Orangeville, 2004: Benben Books) 

2.  “Shaman,” “Solstice,” “Full Moon” and “My Dear Crone” in Twelfth Key, Penn Kemp, ed., (London, 2005: Pendas Productions)




1.  Selected Thoughts (Orangeville, 2003:  Benben Books) out of print

2.  Inspired by the Master - Ruminations on the poetry of Rumi (Orangeville, 2005:  Benben Books)

3.  Inspired by the Master – 99 Sufi Poems (Orangeville, 2008:  Benben Books)





1.   “One Voice, One Mind,"  "Mud to Dust," and Beltane’s Fires” in  The Poetry Tribe Review Anthology, Anni...E Horvath, ed. (Detroit, 2003: LeAdfooT Press)

2.  Depressed” and “Uncertainty”, in Sharing the Dark – encounters with the Abyss, edited by Katherine L. Gordon (Kitchener, 2005: Passion Among the Cacti Press)

3.  “Winter Elixir” and “Ancient Art” in Open Window IV – an international anthology of poetry, Richard M. Grove, ed., (Hamilton, 2005:  Hidden Book Press)

4.   “When Earth Meets Water,” co-written with L. Anne Welwood in Brush Strokes – poetry and writing, a community arts project inspired by Tom Thomson, Joan Chandler, ed. (Owen Sound, 2005:  Ginger Press and Sheatre)

5.  “Crossing Borders” in the 2007 issue of Voices Israel Anthology, Helen Bar Lev, ed., (Jerusalem, 2007: Voices Israel)

6.  "Fertility Rite" in Myth Weavers, Katherine Gordon, ed., (Hamilton, 2007: Serengeti Press) 

7.  “Autumn Longing” and “Standing in Tom Thompson’s Country,” in Feast of Equinox, poems collected and Edited by Katherine L. Gordon for the Valley Poets, (Rockwood, Ontario, 2007:  For the Valley Poets)

8. “Glory Days” in Crossing Lines: Poets Who Came to Canada...Allan Briesmaster and Steven Michael Berzensky (Toronto, 2008: Seraphim Editions)


Poetry Magazines:


1.   “Seeds”, in Mosaic,  Vol. 6, No. 10, (Durham, Ontario, May 1996: ABM Publishing)

2.  “Full Moon”, in the premier issue of Quills, the Canadian Poetry Magazine, Vol. 1 No. 1 (Vancouver, Winter, 2004 )

3.  “The Roots of the State,” in We Are TOPS, the Newsletter of The Ontario Poetry Society, (Thorn Hill, Ontario, February, 2004)


4. “Come, Let’s Playin Lust, Quills Annual Erotic Magazine, Vol. 1 (Vancouver, 2004:  Lust Magazine) p. 92

5. “One Voice, One Mind” in P.O.E.T.S. Vol. 6, No. 3 (Detroit, March 2004: Performers On Educational Training Seminars)

6.  “The Lynx and the Serpent” in  P.O.E.T.S. Vol. 6, No. 4 (Detroit, April 2004: Performers On Educational Training Seminars) 

7.  “Winter Elixir” in I.B. Iskov, ed., WE ARE T.O.P.S.  Vol. 6 – No. 1, Jan.. to Apr. 2005, p. 5

8.  “The Oily Smell of Plastic Spoiled Her Pleasure,” in Quills, the Canadian Poetry Magazine, Vol. III (Vancouver, 2006), p.69

9.  “Evolution” in Verse Afire, Vol. 2 No. 3 (Thorn Hill, Sept. – Dec. 2006: The Ontario Poetry Society)

10.  Full of Myself “  &  “Snow Fog.,” in Stellar Showcase Journal, (ISSN 1911-1819 In Print) Summer Issue, 2007 (Oshawa: J. Graham Publishing)

11. “Autumn Longing” in Tower Poetry, Vol. 56, No.1 (Summer Edition. ISSN 0495-9701), Jeff Seffinga, Ed. (Hamilton, 2007: Tower Poetry Society Press) p. 21

12.  “I am Like a Blade of Grass,” in Verse Afire, the Tri-Annual Publication of The Ontario Poetry Society, I. B. Iskov, Ed/Pub, ISSN 1715-0280, Jan, 2008, Vol. 4 No. 1, (Thorn Hill, Ontario, 2008;  the Ontario Poetry Society) p. 38


Internet Poetry Sites - permanent:


1.  “For a Thousand Years We’ve Been Told Wrong," "Air, Water, Life and Death," and "Unconditional Love – In Whose World?” in Dialogue Through Poetry e-book, Ram Davieni, ed, March 2002, excerpted in  http://tiffanyweb.bmts.com/~damilos/dialogue.html

2.  "A Modern Crusade," in Dialogue Through Poetry e-book, Ram Davieni, ed, March 2003 exceprted in http://www.tiffanyweb.bmts.com/~damilos/dialogue2003.htm

3.  "Pablo Neruda – a Tribute" in Dialogue Through Poetry e-book, Ram Davieni, ed, March 2004, excerpted in http://www.tiffanyweb.bmts.com/~damilos/Neruda.htm

4.  “Butterflies," "Mud to Dust," "Full Moon" and "Solstice,” on line at Germination Poetry (Guelph, Ontario, Nov. 2002: My Town)


5.  “Midsummer Day’s Musing” in As Best We Can: from a gentle heart on-line  (Guelph, Ontario, May 2005: My Town)  http://www.mytown.ca/ev.php?URL_ID=86014&URL_DO=DO_TOPIC&URL_SECTION=201&reload=1168961356

6.  “Shaman,” “Solstice,” “Full Moon” and “My Dear Crone”  in Twelfth Key, (Guelph,Ontario,May,2005:MyTown) http://www.mytown.ca/ev.php?URL_ID=100998&URL_DO=DO_TOPIC&URL_SECTION=203&reload=1174631212

7.   “Benjamin Franklin in Versailles c. 1776 (a past life memory),” “Come, Let’s Play,” “Ode to Villon,” “Ripeness,” ”Hot and Hazy,” “Scent of the Full Moon” and “Shallow Love,”  published in Charlotte’s OtherWeb, www.MyTown.ca/otherweb see Library Nos. 18-25 and

8.   “Shaman,” “Equinox,” “Gwen,” “Trance Poet,” and “Occultatum” published in 2007 at the Mystic Prophet website, http://sky-writer.net/kolo.html

9.  “Baghdad Forever” published on  Poets4Peace website in 2007: http://sky-writer.net/kolo.html

10.  Occultatum” published in 2007 on the Ark Royal: Poetry About Religion and Spirituality website at http://arkroyal.net/kolo.html

11.  “Frida”,  published in Viva la Vida de Frida,  Penn Kemp, ed. Twelfth Key  (London, Feb. 2008: Pendas Productions) and archived at www.mytown.ca/vivalavida; or http://www.mytown.ca/ev.php?URL_ID=122237&URL_DO=DO_TOPIC&URL_SECTION=201

12.  Poet-of-the-Month, April, 2008, Owen Sound & North Grey Union Public Library – includes bio, interview and six poems.  Originally published as a full page feature in The Owen Sound Sun Times, April 21, 2008, Section A, Page 5


13.  Now and Then, Then and Now, published on June 23, 2009 at



14. Encounter with a Witch (from Slipped Out) at



Internet Audio Selections – poetry readings

1.  “Full Moon” audio track: http://www.mytown.ca/ev.php?URL_ID=101015&URL_DO=DO_TOPIC&URL_SECTION=201&reload=1203809214

2.  “Memories of Vienna,” “Rock of No Resistance” and “Saugeen Valley Fog” originally read as a feature at Green Fire Poetry Reading Series, Stouffville, Ontario, on July 16, 2006.  Archived at



Internet Audio Selections - Translations

1.  “Poem for Peace in Many Voices,” by Penn Kemp, translated into Hungarian by Daniel Kolos; performed by Daniel Klos and Andrea Jarmai  (recorded by John Magyar, Psychospace Sound Studio, Toronto); http://www.mytown.ca/pennkemp/files/15%20Track%2015.mp3


2.  “Poem for Peace in Many Voices,” by Penn Kemp, translated into ancient Egyptian by Daniel Kolos, performed by Daniel Kolos and Penn Kemp (John Magyar, Psychospace Sound Studio, Toronto); http://www.mytown.ca/pennkemp/files/27%20Track%2027.mp3

Accompanied by John Maghar on drums:


3.  “Poem for Peace in Many Voices,” by Penn Kemp, translated into ancient Egyptian by Daniel Kolos, then re-translated into English. The two versions, the original  and the re-translation, are read by Penn Kemp and Daniel Kolos:




Internet Poetry Journals


1.  “Deep Chill in the Hot Desert” published at the Palabras Press website, www.Palabras-Press.com,  March, 2007

2.  Full of Myself “  &  “Snow Fog.,” in Stellar Showcase Journal, (ISSN 1911-1827  Online) Summer Issue, 2007 (Oshawa: J. Graham Publishing)





Internet Video Selections

1.  Inspired by Rumi (2007) (has disappeared)

2.  An Oriental Garden (Originally entitled “In Rumi’s Garden”) video taken by Willy Waterton of the Owen Sound Sun Times on April 17, 2008 and archived at: http://www.owensoundsuntimes.com/ArticleDisplayGenContent.aspx?e=5689


3.  2012 – Reading poems inspired by Rumi, accompanied by the Light of the East Ensemble, London, Ontario: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7F5VK_kSn8


4.     2013, March 5 – Art Bar poetry feature, full reading (45 minutes)