Words Aloud Poetry Cooperative 2002 Schedule


Feb. 16, Durham Art Gallery, Singout Café:  Music (Sophia Werden and Russell Scott) and Spoken Word (Words Aloud: Daniel Kolos by invitation)

Hosted by Paul Nielsen;  Attendance:  23


March 21, World Poetry Day, cancelled for Owen Sound but held at Durham with Penn Kemp featured reading of her Poem for Peace in Two Voices in many translations.  Attendance: 7

May 17, 2002, Sex, Lies and Other Fictions, poetry reading at Aggie’s Café, Flesherton, ass part of the Words Aloud Poetry coop 2002 reading series; Hosted by Barbara MacKay; Attendance: 53

May 24, 2002: Agri-Culture:  poetry and song at the Circle Sun Farm Café series hosted by Scott Armstrong;  Attendance: 56

May 25, 2002:  Second Eclectic Café at Carnegie's Hall, Mount Forest:  Music and Spoken Word with Zoe Kessler, Paul Scott and Daniel Kolos from Words Aloud reading their poetry.  Hosted by Zoe Kessler,  Attendance:  27

May 30, 2002:  Poetry for Peace reading at the Bean Cellar, Owen Sound, organized and presented by Words Aloud Poetry Coop.  Hosted by Daniel Kolos.  Attendance: 36

June 21, 2002:  Solstice Celebrations in Eugenia.  Words Aloud poets Paul Scott and Daniel Kolos with Toronto guest Richard Parkington do the Spoken Word.  Hosted by Astrid Wayman.  Attendance, c. 80

June 29, 2002:  Annual Art Garden Opening at the Flesherton Gallery with Words Aloud poet furnishing the Spoken Word:  Judy Lowry, Paul Scott, Daniel Kolos.  Hosted by Carol Wood,  Attendance: 75

July 29, 2002:  Under the Sun Café:  A Plateful of Poems, featuring Liz Zetlin, Jennifer Frankum, Anne Duke Judd.  Southampton.  Hosted by Anne Duke Judd.  Attendance: 18

August 12, 2002:  Under the Sun Café:  Second Helping:  Featuring ???;  Hosted by Anne Duke Judd.  Attendance, 18

August 24, 2002:  Eclectic Cafe III at Carnegie's Hall, Mount Forest, Song and Spoken word with Paul Scott representing Words Aloud.  Hosted by Zoe Kessler.  Attendance: 29

September 21, 2002:  Farm Festival at Circle Sun Farm, including Words Aloud poetry readings.  Hosted by Scott Armstrong. Attendance:  170


November 24:  Writer's Block pot luck and poetry reading, Words Aloud poets invited.  Port Elgin.  Hosted by Anne Duke Judd.  Attendance ?