A series of essays and/or correspondence seeking to know, in the sense of 'gnosis', what motivated Akhenaten.

Because this quest is nigh impossible, a multidisciplinary approach has been taken with this guiding note from

Ioan Culianu from his book,

"Eros and Magic in the Renaissance," pages 11-12:

The crowning wish of the historian of ideas is not... to define the ideological content of a given period, which are fundamentally recursive in nature, but to glimpse its hermeneutic filter, its "selective will", which is, at the same time a will to distort.

And again, on the same page:

A cultural era is not defined by the content of the ideas it conveys but by its interpretive filter.


New!!!  Academic papers (posted January 2006)


Akhenaten and  Aten

Political Struggle and the Religion of Light. 

Akhenaten’s Contendings with the Priests of Amun-Ra Produces a Religion of Pure Reason

Coming of Age in Ancient Egypt

Explores the theory that boys and girls, upon reaching puberty, left home, entered a state of liminality and faced a life-and-death struggle before being reintegrated into society




 Non-academic essays, conversations, speculation


Akhenaten, Ontogenesis and Julian Jaynes

Family, Morals and Sexuality at Amarna

Akhenaten's Belief system

Patriarchy, Hierarchy, Penetration, Homosexuality and Virgin Mothers


Murder of the Father:  From Osiris to Akhenaten

Birth of Israel posted Feb. 17, 2003

Amarna Sexuality:  Deep Throat Speculation

posted on October 8, 2003

Akhenaten, Birthing and the Sun posted on October 8, 2003

Sexual Psychology of the Amarna Age

Posted on March 2, 2007

Amarna Sexuality – 1 and 2

Two more discussions





Eros and Magic in the Renaissance - a review




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