Notes on the Second and Third Chakras

Why would the third chakra be obstructed?  If anything, it is over
subscribed, like the left brain is over used, at the expense of the other, of the Other.  Most of us live our lives in the left brain.  Perhaps you, as an artist, or I, as a dreamer or idealist, might be exceptions, but that is debatable.  Chances are that we also live most of our lives in the third chakra, the home of narcissism.  But it could be worse!  We could be living in the second chakra, still competing, trampling over others, outwitting them, chasing that elusive sexual conquest hoping the next one will be the BIG ONE.  Or buying the next and biggest computer to out-surf all the 'others'.  We could be 'consumers'!  

Living in the second chakra gives rise to demagoguery, because those who watch the 'consumers' trample each other in the aisles, or in the offices, or even in the bedrooms, learn to manipulate us consumers.  Now that is really being one up on the competitive ladder!

However, as I hear it, each chakra is age related:  the first chakra fills up at the age of 7, the second at 14, the third at 21.  So the demagogues are functioning at an adolescent level.  They are still confusing their self-identity with what they 'have' rather than with what they are.  And worse still, because they have not yet made connection with their own heart, they have not an ounce of intelligence (14 grams for our metric friends).  As a result, their manipulative, competitive ways pollute, burn, slash, destroy and in every way weaken the eco-system and the human habitat.

It is these 14 years old CEOs and Presidents, bankers and generals who who wield political, economic, financial and military power.

"Change" or development comes in many ways.  In order to stop the ecological suicide and political/military demagoguery, you and I and others have to role model our neighbor's children into the third, fourth, fifth and higher Chakras by opening our own.  If a rich man inspires others to want to become rich also, then perhaps an individual, all of whose Chakras have opened, will also inspire others, especially children, to follow suit.

When the power wielders no longer have a rubber stamp from their sheep like electorate, that's when the real trouble begins.  We shall then have to survive the tantrum of the adolescent demagogues as they realize that they can no longer play with their lethal toys and begin to throw their uranium depleted bombs at us in protest.  And after that that child or those children who have chosen to connect their hearts and mind will take the toys of the demagogues away.  Maybe that is what indigo children are?

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