for Past Life Memories


Knowing the strengths and weaknesses we are born with is vital to a fulfilling, effective life.  Whether these strengths and weaknesses come from planetary alignment, genes passed down for countless generations, family life, early education, or from past lives,


You might as well know yourself!


Non-invasive, non-hypnotic relaxation technique.   Commune with your inner self, the Master within. 

Reach your unconscious or subconscious mind.


You will at all times remain aware of where your consciousness goes and have complete control over the memories you access. You are welcome to have a partner, a friend, or a psychic present and choose a safe space in which to dowse for your past life memories to gain  a new perspective of your present problems or talents.


Each session lasts 60 to 90 minutes


A Past Life Memory Dowsing session can be recorded.  Cost per session: $135.00                     Trades are welcome!


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519-369-1120 or e-mail