If not through the genes or if not through reincarnation, I have still been influenced by ancient Egypt from the age of 2.

For my second birthday, my uncle sent me a present:

a silk wall-hanging showing the Giza Pyramids, the Great Sphinx, the Nile River with feluccas sailing on it, the desert with palm trees and Arabs riding their camels.

My parents hung this scene above my bed.

For the next ten years, this Egyptian wall hanging was the first thing I saw each morning and the last each night.

There is a good chance that this wall hanging influenced me in decisions I made later in life to become an Egyptologist.  I spent five years formally studying Ancient Egyptian Language and Literature at the University of Toronto (MA, 1975), worked in Egypt as an Archaeological Supervisor for two seasons with Prof. Donald B. Redford at his Akhenaten Temple Project East Karnak Expedition (1977 and 1978) and spent the next 12 years taking tours to Egypt.  Among my clients were Dr. Edith Fiore and Shirley Maclaine.

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