A friend told me the other day:" We don't know diddly squat" and that's true, it is a good place to start, but it does not stay that way very long. We cannot help but experience. and we are told that our history decides what kind of person we turn out to be. And that's a lie. What matters is what we make of our experience, which is a different kettle of fish altogether. Great changes are going on these days and most of us are well aware of this. But we don't quite know what to make of it all. That is because our society likes us to look at details and ignore the whole. Eddington, who popularised Einstein's relativity, wrote: "We used to think that if we knew one, we knew two, because one and one are  two {made out to be so, axiomatically}. We are finding that we must learn a great deal more about 'and'." 


          That looks like a simple statement but actually it is very deep. For our society is very fond of using the logical "or" which is readily done with words that isolate everything from everything else. "and" leads into holism while logic can be used to justify anything. "Or" isolates while "and" tries to put everything together which ends up with the spiritual, an idea that is getting very popular. So how do we use being ignorant and innocent best, for it is known as having an open mind. Keeping an open mind implies we know how knowledge is constructed and Eddington knew a lot about that. He also wrote that "henceforth our senses are no longer a reliable guide to reality", which drove us into enquiry of the spiritual. So my friend was also not as naive as one might imagine.


          Contrariwise holism insists that everything is connected with everything else. Using that means to look at things in perspective, which is also not as simple as it may look. It is a wise man who knows what he does not know. So let me look over one thing that's grown popular today which is called kundalini and put it in a more overall perspective. Kundalini Yoga tells us that in the lowest charka lives a snake coiled up three and a half times.  We must lead her up the spine into the crown charka at the top of the head, which is her throne. That makes a very pretty picture but it is not the whole truth, which is what we must go in search of to get the whole picture. For Kundalini is also known as vril, orgone, prana, bharaka, joriki, life force, cosmic energy, ki, mana, breath, od, elan vital, libido, hormic energy, aether, Sufi wine, serpent, divine water or aquavit, fountain of life, plasma, soma, as well as recently in science as pseudo magnetism; fifth force; empty waves, radiation energy, tachyon fields, free energy, gravitation field energy, space energy, unified field, emptiness energy, vital magnetism, bio-cosmic energy, Mumia, X-force, N-radiation, ponderomatoric forces, radiation energy, M-field. They are not shown in a thesaurus, which amuses me.  It happens to be mentioned in every culture and attached to a different picture or symbol. It is also found as Hermes wand, the tree of life, world snake ourobouros. Mercury, the messenger of the gods,  Hermes, Tao, astrological Aquarius and his bucket and a few others like the Alchemical elixir or universal solvent as well as the Egyptian Ba soul, the stork that brings babies. In effect, every culture on earth has an image for it. In Chinese alchemy It is portrayed as the golden egg, the kind of thing Easter is supposed to remind us of, in Tibet as the jewel in the lotus. On the Doors of Notre Dame in Paris it shows as Phanes inside the wheel of astrology, which one can also imagine as an egg that encompasses our life. For we live inside the universe.


          Things start getting interesting when one peers behind the images into what happens. We find the tree of life in Genesis where the snake whispers into Eve's ear about sex. And Sigismund Freud, who enquired into our psychology, told us that sex is our primal energy. Freud named that the ID, with a titanic energy, and he was much afraid of it. Now don't imagine sex is about what commercialism and silly films make of it. It is our life force that feeds all our body cells and if she cannot we go dry up and go ill. It just so happens she enters our body near the location of our sex organs. It is actually at our feet, but we don't sense that. Our senses are prone to stick with images and going beyond the senses means what I am doing right here and now, to look at the flow of events in life. Kundalini is the life force and doing almost any kind of occult  or yogic practice stirs her up, including spontaneous emergence. When it does it enhances the neural system becoming more sensitive and enables us to see auras or life fields. From the phrase "the wind carries it in its belly" we can infer that these images stand for inner events and antiquity used concrete images for abstract ideas. At that time man still thought without words in images.


          The gods or achetypes are concepts of internal events and states we also use when dreaming and in hypnagogic or hypnopompic states we can also call daydreaming.  Children naturally think in such imagery but only one third of adults retain the facility as they replace this with words mainly or only. We have on board a syneasthetic ability that can render any sensory image into and out of any other. This includes some 50 odd inner sensors by which we are informed of inner events. The nervous system gathers up data  processed in the brain and which can also send out messages. Convention names thought as only confined to words but this is quite wrong. Whatever the medium used it is all thought thinking. We can further move our awareness to focus on both body locations and as our imagination use it to get not only visions and voices internal and external or projected, but, as some writers do, imagine entire stories in symbolic forms. A symbol means that it is taken direct from an event we can also give a name, Ischa Schwaller de Lubicz translated a 5000 year old Egyptian manuscript of a young priest in religious conflict. The gods he argues with wander in and out of his mind and even talk back. This reflects on what we now call channeling and trance states. Trance amounts to imagining to the exclusion of body awareness, or vice versa. We naturally do this when absorbed in a task. We each of us differ in our flexibility here so it is best to adjust doing all this to what comes naturally for you, unless you specifically wish to train yourself to a given discipline. If you like doing things then use rituals. Contrariwise you can think in mandalas as abstract architectural designs. We contrast real and imaginary but Indian thought also uses "subtle" for things we have no way to see or can measure but are nevertheless real. The main thing is to enliven such things into experience otherwise it won't mean much.


          We are integrated but seem to lack awareness of this and which is completed in mystical experiences. Contrary to popular opinion mystics seek to remove inner and outer conflicts, done in our society by psychologists and psychiatrists to acculturate and accommodate or homogenise us into the social system. The mystic seeks inner self integrity to self manage either the entire repertoire of our potentials or any elected aspect of this. As self purification it so happens the reward is a self sensation called the peace that passes understanding. It includes beauty, awe and that abused word happiness which is more like serenity by which one can put up with any clutter, conflict and situation, grasp its meaning with immediacy and spontaneously act on it rather than react to it. And, yes, there are dangers and risks but the possible end result is worth any risk. One can go either inside only or engage in dual awareness that reflects inner and outer experience against each other.  Then one resolves conflicts and paradoxes, which then end up in the unitive condition. Simply put for any experience what you think and feel about it reveals what meanings you impose on it, negative and positive or distracting versus repressing. Once one self convinces one's own mind that mind will act as a guide and choreographer of the trip. And indeed we do acquire psychic abilities too but mystics declare this is trivial and of no merit at all unless and until one rightly knows the uses to put it to. They too are a distraction that offers endless diversion. Whether you tackle the work of cleaning house first or go for subtler experiences that then will force you to clean house anyway is your option. It is not about phenomena chasing, which we do anyhow, but integration. Afterwards the phenomena turn amusing more than annoying. We still tenant a body, which has its own needs, but it no longer dominates or overshadows our being.


          We don't get forthwith translated into heaven where we live forever after, singing the glories of the lord or, having done wrong to purgatory or hell. Since he knows it all already and created the entire charade he may like your thanks but not any hooplah attached to it, sincerity counts, not displays. There is no god who sits in judgment, you are your own judge, jury and hangman. Take as long as you like as "up there", which is really a here and now, there is no time. Everything happens all together and at once as a whole but we each take selected trips with partial perspectives. This confuses what is called re-incarnation. When we leave the body behind on its death we remain in the mind condition we are in and have to pick up and evolve further from there on. This can mean visiting other worlds or coming back to this one, your choice. We decide what kind of experiences to go for next. A wise decision would be to first clean house some more or be done with past experiences and mistakes to expand further. There is no law that states you must be wise. How else could you learn? Your experience of this is linear, which feels like time, because intents and outcomes are connected but it is your job to experience this until insight or wisdom can directly connect the two as like an archetype, a theme or story plot. The whole thing being infinite to speak of an end to evolution is a bit silly. Maybe god likes learning things or growing up which is why then we are equipped with the ability. That makes more sense of why it is called a creation with room for creativity. Unless things can go both right and wrong on all levels how can we learn and be creative? Originally "the good" meant being in a unitive state, which word has been corrupted into what we are made to think of it now. Children start by making new neuronal pathways in the brain. If now we extend that into evolution we indeed invent ourselves that way.


          Kundalini, attending on us personally, may be tardy or quick, that depends on how intense our interest and the kind of person we are. It is called kundalini rising and we experience the sensation of a force going up our spine. In Hermes wand, the world egg and the tree of life this is shown as a spiral wound around an object. Where the snake crosses the vertical line is a block and between blocks is a charka we nowadays all know as us having seven of them. That makes six blocks, although the aware entry point into our body makes a seventh. We are told we have three channels in the spinal cord, Ida, pingali and sushumma. The Ida and Pingali are our male and female sides and sushumma is androgyne, neutral or spiritual. IT, therefore, always weaves its way up and down the spine through the Ida and pingala but we only notice this happening when it rises up the central channel. This happens only when we have balanced our male and female sides of being, irrespective of age or sex.


          In the good old days before the fall from grace this happened naturally, shortly after leaving our childhood. If you look at pictures of miscalled "primitive" peoples, they sort of glow and their eyes shine brightly at you, which is exactly what happens once kundalini takes up her seat in the crown charka. The shiny eyes result from having our body tick over properly, which makes us feel happy, which also has nothing to do with the *happy day* wished upon us as a fantasy. When we feel happy this natural way we don't have to make it happen, it's just there, so one does not have to think about it. Everybody notices and smiles at you. It brings about the peace that passeth understanding you don't have to work at by constraining yourself from violence and mayhem. It's effortless. Knowing how powerful this sustainer of life one does not need to fight. When our male and female both active and receptive aspects are in balance we breathe through both nostrils.


          BUT and here comes one very big but. In our screwed up society our mind, body and emotions are all cluttered up in various ways. I do not need to go into the ways of that lot; we're all aware of that. What matters is that although the goddess is weak and mild she is also inexorable so once she starts her journey up the spine whatever stops us from being pure at heart and healthy in body she'll  fix in no uncertain way. Anything can happen between wondering whether we are going crazy, have something seriously wrong with us to acute pains or mere itches in the body can happen. Quite what happens varies per individual so we cannot list any details, it varies per person. In strongly negative cases people have gone insane and committed suicide or spent years in various kinds of agony. In short if we are not perfect yet she'll make damned sure we will become that, whether you like it or not. You asked for it, now you're getting it. The important thing is to keep calm as getting excited only makes things worse. If you are a normally healthy person and suddenly all manner of symptoms pop up the odds favour it's kundalini. This varies per person so making up a checklist won't help any.


          Apart from installing our connection with the ALL she heals in order to install the connection. If you have not cleaned house, she'll do it.  In archaic societies this cleansing was as routine as eating fried chicken; these days it is not any more.  With any problems the local shaman routinely took care of this. The main recipe was relax, let it happen and don't interfere. In some cases one may have to spend some time in a cold bath for fear of spontaneous combustion for Madam Kundalini will use any trick in the book to keep balanced as she works her way up the spine. Tibetan Yoga calls the tummo, the ability to keep cool in summer and warm in winter. She'll turn your dreams into nightmares when blocked too much. The worse you are blocked the longer she takes. So our standard routine to rush off to professionals, who also happen to know nothing about all this, is about the worst thing you could do. For most of the negative symptoms resemble physical symptoms but they are not always. The cause is not physical but spiritual, though we have only one body to feel this with. We may get ringing noises in the head, feel our brain is being compressed, which it actually is, and a host of other symptoms. Standard knowledge insists we cannot possibly have sensations in the skull so we are told we fantasise or hallucinate and get prescribed the usual tranquillisers or worse. Nor do occult, psychic or other healers know much about this, especially when they are into that "mother knows best" style of helping people. Most simply: "Let the buyer beware".


          The point is YOU started this when first becoming interested in the occult or spiritual or simply being yourself and since you asked or thought about it, of course Kundalini will oblige in her own fashion and speed. Since we don't arrive with a handbook for the proper use of and most of the knowledge is lost since millennia ago, blithe ignorance makes it worse, a more than fair percentage of people who have kundalini rising end up in the waste bucket which is about the worst thing since aspartame. There are simply not enough people around with the right kind of know-how, as it needs somebody with kundalini installed to make an useful diagnosis, if it is needed at all. And that is only to re-assure the experient it's ok,  you're not going crazy, the opposite in fact, you are not sick, the opposite in fact and so on. You are merely having your karma dissolved. Fighting the rising or pushing it only makes it take longer and should you be told you imagine it all, that is exactly what happens. I can only repeat: You asked for it and now you're getting it, so stop complaining. That, of course, does not help when it happens to an innocent and ignorant person and when that ignorance is worldwide. So apart from simply informing people this article is also a plea for more and deeper holistic research of all kinds. Since nobody knows exactly who and what you are, and what you are here for any takeover by *helping you* the wrong way is likely not to help you at all.


          Apart from that, what is doing the rounds in sound or electronic left to right brain *balancing* to make you successful, meet your perfect love and more of that ilk does nothing else but make a block to your completion into becoming a full human being. It's your journey and anybody telling you that they know better than you is a fool or worse. Most of the fully realised beings on earth are not interested in writing books or getting widely known. As the proverb has it: "God helps those who help themselves" and if you imagine he will do it for you, forget it. As my Grandmother used to say: "You made your bed, now lie in it". True masters, as Wanderling on Internet tells us, don't charge for the privilege. Internet is a marvellous toy as it is a very good match to the real world, 90% of everything is nonsense, ignorance or worse. The problem is to get at what matters, which takes having a mind of one's own and being aware or risks, which our society is the last to provide or help you acquire. That does not mean they are all that way, far from it. It means the old proverb "let the buyer beware" because if it is the wrong thing for you, you will foot the bill, after you paid money for it. You are not responsible for what happens to you, you are responsible for what you make of it, do with it and believe of it. Think before you leap or identify with a belief. It's ok to try them out. And may the peace that passes understanding be with you, any other is a phony. You don't need any blessings, you already get more than you need.


          To go into some more detail about how our hangups get to stick around needs a sally into occult psychology.  Although all the noise is about seven chakras acupuncture has it that we have 12 rivers in the body along which flows K'i energy with many acupoints that can get blocked. Any chakra can go negative and positive and the thing is to keep a balance between those so the energy can flow freely, as it does for babies and children. Children are simple minded and anything they like they want more and anything they dislike they turn off which is done by changing a chakra point, That is what makes up our character or the kind of person we are. Beyond that we all get traumatic experiences where an adult or event dominates us which turns off our self awareness as taken over by that other person or event.


          The trigger for such things fills up an acupoint or minor chakra that, when any person or event contains the trigger the acupoint takes over and runs the show. It is, as in the oft repeated defense in Court: "I dunno vot came over me, yer honer, I did'nt do it, honest". Almost anything, word, colour, etc., can be a trigger. The reaction can be anything between a mild annoyance to an outburst of temper.  The same happens in hypnosis. The fact is that our conscious mind is supposed to run us while the unconscious does not care who gives the orders as long as the message is clear. In the old days this was called possession, open to both the good guys and the bad ones. Nowadays we have other names that hide much of this, anywhere between a hallucination to insanity or conversely an illuminating cosmic experience. That, so to speak, depends on how well you prepare the throne room, your brain, for Kundalini.


          We further have an aura, which also comes in seven layers or veils that contains more chakras for the astral and spiritual levels of the action. An aura coruscates or oscillates not unlike a waterfall of many colours as it handles a dynamic flow of events that goes on all the time. So behind Kundalini rising up the legs, traditionally left for inner or female and right for outer or male, this flow keeps us connected with our environment at deep unconscious levels that include all our body cells. Altogether this concerns what is called our soul or being. When we die it leaves us and includes what we call our mind. At its simplest mind is detachable from the body so we can be in touch with and explore astral and spiritual levels of existence. The aura of a pure being will be white and we recognise such people as charismatic. Perfect people like that are rather rare. Most of us walk around smeared by whatever experiences we have been through.


          Now what happens when madam climbs the ladder of our existence is that she cleans up if you have not done so before. That sends echoes of either positive of negative vibes to whatever the connections among the acupoints have been made by you. This comes from whatever feeling you, as a child, experienced as incoming or input you liked or disliked. Thus as she rises those experiences are re-called for you to remember and work through. Our body is very resilient and it takes about forty years before it bursts out in serious diseases, the more common ones being heart, backaches, rheumatism and so on. Thus it depends on your age as to the progression of this burial of unwanted experiences in the body and aura. Everything is on record in the aura and which is how our memory works naturally.


          As we go to school we are taught facts, where natural memory is about experiences. Facts come strung together linear fashion as pickled in words where experiences come all at once and together non-linear fashion so you can step into the action and pick out any detail whatever. We can recall with words that tag concepts, remember by going into the feelings and relive by going through it as if it happened originally. It is quite obvious those two systems do not go together and can hardly communicate at all well. The last can be done in hypnosis but you can do this yourself as well and myth once named this as going into the underworld although it is as much overworld as well. You actually go into subtler levels of the storage bin or warehouse or database of your life record.


          Since nowadays we are all getting sick and tired of being bossed around there is an "underground" movement not to have another repeat of past history but a more radical change called a paradigm change. That word paradigm has been just as badly muddled up by popular misuse as that left brain right brain fiction. Gazzanigi, in order to relieve epileptic patients of their attacks, severed the two halves to find the rather obvious fact that the left brain manages the right half of the body and the right half the left side, which is a remake of our male and female aspects that was linked, quite wrongly, to being a rational versus an artistic, creative person.  If you think about it, what has creativity to do with sex? Nothing whatever except how we use our life energy. In a normal person both halves cooperate and besides we also have a hindbrain that keeps things well connected. Left brain right brain is a fiction turned into a metaphor, confused with facts. Madam Kundalini dislikes such nonsense so any such fiction, and there are thousands of them, will put you in inner conflicts of the confusing variety when you don't have your identity orientation sorted out.


          Since we bury and hide negative experiences in our body and aura it stands to reason that she gets rid of those dead issues and ghosts by which we can have mental, emotional and physical reactions depending on where and how we buried things. What with about 72,000 chakras around the place it is near impossible to make up a dictionary by which we can make simple connections between parts of this complex process and words. One has to play the detached observer and not get hooked into thinking of it as real and rushing off to an expert for help, unless that expert knows their stuff, which nowadays is mostly pot luck. In one sense it WAS real, once, and you are dealing with the memory of it, using the same process in a different way. Where before you did not have a chance to undo the damage you have now by some artful housecleaning we are also never taught how to do. It was once called re-birthing because it concerns the retrieval of the once pure being who entered this world.  Being christened is a symbolic recall of the act, water being the water of life we now confuse with what makes you drunk. And as we all know water, whether it takes long or not wears down any rock. So you can see these names were originally given by analogy to how Mother Nature does this. Egyptian for nature is Neter, meaning the gods. Indian Yoga speaks of the diamond body, mostly after its transparency and many facets.


          Many of the Neter hold in their hands an ankh cross. It consist of an upper oval or cartouche and a lower T, which marks the three dimensions, for which it is as above, unitive, so below, dualistic in three dimensions for what we are. The oldest known painted pebble is dated at 3 million years and it is a cross, the same we use to multiply numbers. The oldest known Chinese ideogram for Yin and Yang is a circle, for time, and a square for space. Quantum Physics has recently re-unified them as the spacetime continuum ancient occultism knew about all along. The simplest image for the whole schlambangle is to imagine time as a stream of experience that, of itself. keeps in balance or symmetry into which any life form can insert an asymmetry that creates a beginning which comes to an end  when the action is finished, shaped in a loop for which "in my end is my beginning". Reality then will be the ocean with its gulf streams.


          The whole story is repeated by our planetary system, which, with an electro-magnetic field, acts as like an aura to filter out cosmic energy or its life force, which is not a force unless it is applied. Also there is no time scale to this, since the universe is infinite and on which we plaster our finitised (finished, finalized) ideas as individuals. So what the ankh symbolises is that as individuals we live below, which is three dimensional to us and an ocean of life in reality. If now you take apart that ankh and fit the cross inside the circle what we get is the Buddhist wheel of life. You now have the option of spending your life caged or trapped inside the 3-D sector or go wandering in the ocean as like a dolphin, or like an eagle up in the air and for which archaic myth called totemism had animals as helpers. All the gods in human form have the animal origin still as either companions or parts of their body, which is an altogether different tale again. May the cosmic energy be with you.


          Alchemy and mysticism are both age old, global in extent and about the same trip. Yet despite thousands of years of exploration by an untold number of people our ignorance about all this is still large. Man has a religious impulse built in which at large comes to an evolutionary impulse which material science denies we have.  Right now many people undergo such experiences.  The energy can be used either way for good, bad and ignorance since it drives the entire universe. It is the meaning of us having freedom to act and learn from our actions.  Attaining enlightenment is a literal phrase as then we become embodied as light. The phases and stages vary in many ways although some common features are known. The Rg Veda mentions, "in the beginning was desire", which is where and how it starts with what we desire that feeds our thought and experience alike. William Blake mentions that "we become what we behold" in our imagination.  The energy flows though us all the time but we become aware of it when we get into the purification phase.







copyright,  A. F. van der Meijden. adrf@orcon.net.nz  ph 064 09 233 6620.  2/3/2005. = 7 = 3 !