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The Kitchen Maid and the Fisherman






One of the young girls from Mereeyet’s kitchen had her first blood during the first full moon of Harvest.  Nanoo, Horemheb's nurse, pulled Mereeyet aside one day and said, "Because she works in the kitchen, this girl is better fed than the others."  Mereeyet smiled and said, "She must have picked up the cooks’ habit of tasting more than once every food they cooked.  I know her."  "Whatever she did," Nanoo continued, "she not only has a desirable body, but also has been, for several years, actively engaged in sexual play with the boys on the estate."  Mereeyet nodded without much interest so Nanoo continued,  "She had access to fats and oils in the kitchen which made her even more popular among the boys.  I saw her several times this past year, during the full moon feasts, sneak away from the singing and dancing women and retreat into the darkness to a prearranged spot and play nuptial games with the older boys."  Now Mereeyet was interested.  She leaned forward on her chair and said,   "Perhaps it is her early sexual activity that caused her first blood while she is still 11."  "That," Nanoo took up the thread, "and the fact that this kitchen maid looks 14."  Mereeyet sat up again as if she had made a decision and said, "It is a good time to find her a husband.  If she appeared before a mature young man well oiled and scented, wearing nothing but her best Men Nefer linen sheath, he would certainly respond to her physical maturity, not to her age.  Prepare her, Nanoo."  "Yes, My Lady," Nanoo bowed and left.


For the next few months, the women at the estate took turns to sit with the kitchen maid during her seclusion.  Each one of them told the girl how the men in their lives responded to their full moon time.  Each one of them recommended a young man from the town of Hanis whose reputation for successfully impregnating either their wives or the dancing girls had been noted by the women.  The kitchen maid decided upon a fisherman whom she had remembered and to whom she was already attracted.


One morning near the second new moon of Harvest, the girl prepared herself, adding lotus buds to her braids and a colored sash around her shoulders.  The women of the kitchen busied themselves around her, massaging rare olive oil into her limbs. It was a special courting gift from Mereeyet.  The cook herself found a small alabaster vase at the bottom of one of her linen baskets, hidden there since her own youth.  She poured a drop of the scent onto the nape of the maid’s neck.  She caressed a second drop onto the maid’s pubic mound.


“It worked for me!” she proudly announced to everyone.  Two girls on the kitchen staff were her own daughters who remained with her because both were barren.  Several others among her daughters joined men in Hanis.  Perhaps because she was a cook and tasted everything she cooked, she was healthier than most women.  "Out of my seventeen pregnancies, only one child died," she boasted to the girl as she was being prepared.  Everyone knew that the Estate Overseer was immensely proud of her and immersed himself into her ample flesh almost daily.  The other men of the estate feared him for his potency.  Whenever the cook gave birth to another child, they congratulated him.  “She is a living incarnation of Tauret,” he would quickly answer, giving praise and acknowledgment to the Goddess of Childbirth.  The other women of the estate who wished to conceive a child sought the Overseer out during the Festivals.  It worked because the cook was mostly indisposed, either pregnant already or busy directing the provisions of the feast which inevitably followed every festival.


Nearly three hours after dawn the kitchen maid was ready.  The fisherman had already delivered his early morning catch to his mother’s stall in the town square and had returned to the canal to clean his boat and repair his net.  The girl walked over to the canal behind the fisherman and immersed herself into its waters.  She swam over to the other side, across from the fisherman.  As soon as he heard the noise of the water splashing he looked up.  She smiled at him.  A grin began to form on his face as he squatted beside his boat.  His loincloth was neatly folded several steps above him on the canal bank, in a small basket.  Fishermen and fowlers worked away from other people and preferred to work naked.  Their genitals, unlike those men’s who worked around an estate, would not drip any unclean fluid on either communal or private property.  In fact, being in the water so much made his genitals cleaner than other men’s.


As the girl swam close enough to hear him, the fisherman asked:


“Is it Sobek who has come to bite off my phallus?”


“It is Ast, having changed herself into a kite, who has flown to you and is now looking for a little red fish,” she answered with the traditional mythological role.


         “If it is Ast, she should have flown right on top of me and sat upon my phallus,” he goaded her.


         “It is Tauret looking for the potent phallus to fill her belly with a child,” she changed her role, wanting him to join her in the water.


“Come, come out of the water,” the fisherman urged the girl, “let me see that lotus flower of yours.”


“My flower has opened two hidden moons ago,” the girl bragged.


“Come out of the water, girl, let me see it,” he insisted.


She swam down the canal a few more strokes and came out of the water dripping, her sheath dress wrapped tightly against her body.


The fisherman, who had been squatting all this time, now stood in surprise, looking at her well-formed body:


“You could be Tauret, indeed!”


“Come, cause me to become Tauret of the pregnant belly,” the girl uttered the formula of invitation.  She loosened the colored sash that covered her breasts, folded it carefully as he watched, and placed it on the sand next to his loincloth basket.  Then she loosened her sheath and began to unwind the wet cloth from her body.  She let it drop onto the sand.


         “You come, turn around and bend over my boat and we’ll see if my best fish can swim up your river,” the fisherman invited her again to come closer.


         “You are a fisherman!” the girl said with a wide smile on her face. “If you want me to be a fish in your boat, you’ll have to cast your net and catch me!”  She gestured towards him with her right arm for him to approach, then, when he moved, she ran back into the water and began to swim away with furious strokes.  He dove right after her and soon one of his arms landed on her body.  She stopped.  He drew her near him and his phallus rose.


         “Ah,” she said, “there is a little fish beginning to nibble at me. Let me see how little it is!”  The girl twisted her well-oiled body out of the fisherman’s grasp and dove under water, giving his phallus a strong squeeze.  Instead of coming back up to him, she swam away.  The fisherman took off after her and caught up with her on the other side, against the far canal bank.  She remained on her belly against the soft clay of the canal and he climbed right on top of her.  He had to hold her tightly to keep himself from slipping off.  Finally, he planted his two feet on the clay.  She arched her back, raised her backside to him and said:


         “So where is that fish?”


         “It is swimming up your river,” the fisherman said as his phallus found the heart of her lotus flower.  A few minutes later he maneuvered her away from the canal bank and, still stuck to her, caressed her breasts and belly from behind.  She closed her eyes and leaned into him.


         “Come back here tomorrow morning,” he invited her.  “I’ll have some fish oil prepared for you.”


         “I’d like to come back every day,” she asked, “until my belly is big and a child’s head peaks out of my lotus flower.”


         “The other fishermen will be jealous of me if they see me mounting you every day.”


         “They will know why I am here,” she answered softly.  “I need to have my belly filled with a child.  Let them watch and see.  On any day when you cannot meet me, send one of them to meet me.  Tell him to bring some fish oil.  Tell him Tauret likes the smell of fish oil.  In two years, when I will have had two healthy children, you can ask my father to take me into your household, if you want.”


         He squeezed her once more, withdrew from her and swam back to his boat.


         Within four months, her belly rose.  The fisherman was with her for the best part of two months.  After that, he began to ask other fishermen to take his place.  Mereeyet kept the two babies on her estate when the fisherman’s father, a fisherman himself, came to negotiate for the kitchen maid.


         “She will bear your son many, many more children,” she consoled the father who looked young enough to be her son.  “If I raise the girl's first two children, then you don’t have to send me newly woven linen cloth every year.  But I will continue to buy your son’s fish.  The ones he catches from the river, that is.”  Mereeyet and the fisherman exchanged a wink and a smile. 


         Her servants took away the baskets of dried, salted fish that the fisherman brought as a greeting gift.  She ordered the Estate Overseer to send two servants with freshly brewed beer to the fisherman’s house in town.


ă Daniel M. Kolos, 2002



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