Harmonic Concordance Sextile on November 8, 2003

foretold in Poussin’s painting,

“The Shepherds of Arcady”
From Bill Mann:

To all,

I think that you will find the following quite exciting and I just wanted to
share it with a few of my special friends.

As most of you are aware, on November 8, 2003, there will occur a "harmonic
concordance" of major proportions between six planets and stars. Extensive
background to this main event can be found at www.astrosite.com.

In an earlier e-mail to Bill Beuhler, I very quickly and simply alluded to
something that I discovered in relation to this major event, entitled the
Grand Sextile, and it's rather amazing relationship to Nicholas Poussin's
most famous painting, Et en Arcadia Ego... The concept or theory is that
Poussin, within his painting, in fact forecasted the November 8th harmonic
concordance exactly 363 years prior to its occurance!

What will primarily happen on November 8th will be a total lunar eclipse,
coinciding with the alignment of Saturn, Mars, Jupiter and Chiron - with
Chiron being the resulting 6th element - described as the rainbow that
bridges the inner and outer worlds or planets. In other words, Chiron
represents a Christ-like ascension to a higher level. Chiron, in fact, in
Greek mythology, is the wise centaur who tutored Achilles, Hercules, and
Asclepius. Significantly, all three were mortals who went on to achieve
god-like status.

What struck me about this whole sequence is that one can apply the Star of
David/Seal of Solomon sequence/symbolism, which results from this alignment
(again see www.astrosite.com) to the inner geometry of Poussin's painting
(please refer to the enclosed attachment).

You will notice that the geometrics of the inner star or jewel have been
defined by the geometric sequence known as "the completion of the square,"
with the square (see the pink outline) dimensions relating to the four
figures and various elements such as their staffs, hand feet and eyes,
particularly the "middle-eye" of the shepherdess. Here we have the
fundamental application of the two major principles of Masonry, namely
sacred geometry and moral allegory. These principles were indeed known to
Poussin in 1640 because he had been initiated prior to then, as evidenced by
a self-portrait showing him wearing a Masonic ring (see my book for further

Within Poussin's painting, there are three male figures and one female
figure. Going counter-clockwise around the circle, starting with the only
kneeling figure, the male dressed in green with the beard, is representative
of Old Saturn, earthly, possessor of metals, but having physical
limitations. This is representative of the earliest god-worship of the earth
and stars themselves, and man's earliest application of astronomy.

The next figure, the female, the shepherdess, is the most enigmatic because
of her dual nature. Here is the goddess, representing both light/purity and
darkness, representing both the sun and the moon in total lunar eclipse.
Notice the overall haze to the painting itself. The colours of the goddess
are gold and blue, representative of a time when Egypt/Greece dominated the
world, specifically the seas, which, as such, are controlled by the sun and
the moon. This is Venus, Athena, etc. in her alternative form.

The third figure, the one hidden in part by the goddess, yet supporting her,
is the spiritual warrior-god, Mars. Here in another form is the guardian,
the Knight Templar, who supports the Merovingian dynasty. Derived from the
Celtic spirit, this early Roman god wears the red and white colours of both
the Templar and the Roman legions. For anyone who has been watching the
recent night sky, Mars certainly is prominent in its intensity and proximity
to the moon.

The fourth figure represents the introduction of Christianity. With the
Christ-like figure dressed in ephemeral/androgenous white, he represents
Jupiter. Here is the king of gods, representing wisdom and a higher level of

Hence, the result of this evolution of religious symbols, from pagan times
to Christian era, when all four elements are combined in a positive manner,
is a higher level of understanding and harmonic concordance, resulting in
the Chiron, represented by the rainbow or aura that glows through reasoning
and sustained awareness, divine wisdom if you like.

The funny thing about the word "chiron" is that when one examines the origin
of that word, one discovers the root "chiro," meaning "the use of hands."
And, "chironomids" are "ones who gesture with hands".

Now look at Poussin's four figures again carefully. They all have
significant hand gestures. Saturn and Mars both seem to be pointing to where
in Arcadia a tomb or treasure lies. The Mars figure is making the figure 4
with his hand while the Saturn figure is displaying 5 digits. Is this a
reference to 45 degrees north latitude, halfway between the equator and the
north pole, halfway between two worlds? The female appears to be leaning on
her guardian for support. Remember that in my book I speculated that the
shepherdess is certainly pregnant. Meanwhile, the Christ-like figure, with
an arm and hand extended, almost seems to be suggesting an invitation for
reconciliation or harmony with the other gods.

In summary, what is Poussin's hidden meaning? On one hand, Et en Arcadia
Ego... has an underlying geometric system to it which suggests a physical
treasure map of "Templar secrets". On the other hand, there appears a
spiritual tribute to the potential harmonizing of the earlier religions and
Christianity, whose relics or words may also in fact lie in A(r)cadia. What
appears certain, if anything, is that Poussin had knowledge which suggests
that only the inner circle of the Templars and the earth itself knew where
these lie.

The last question is how does all of this relate to the event that will
occur on November 8th? Are the tides the clue, as the shepherdess' feet are
grounded in water within Poussin's painting?

During Hurricane Juan in the Halifax area a couple of weeks ago, because of
the high tides and uprooting of massive trees, bones within grave yards were
being thrust up to the surface and washed away by the rains. Will a similar
"portal" be opened on November 8th? Or, will there be a major world event
that lends itself to bringing together the world's major religions into
greater harmony? Remember that those are Green Oaks which are shown just
behind the Arcadian tomb.

All the best,



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