My Dear Crone

by Daniel Kolos

(dedicated to Penn Kemp)


Your dilemma, my friend, your plight,

Recalls Icharus in full flight,

With waxed wings that waft hot air

Until his life just melts away.

Your broom, my friend, is built for one

To carry you where'er you will,

But when two of you fly for fun,

You crash, you burn and miss the thrill.


Your spine, your broom, it's delicate!

It mediates your realities.

Choose and live one least intricate,

And make it your own, My Dear Crone,

So you can laugh at your frailties.

At your age into wisdom you've grown.



First read as part of a featured poetry reading, The Crone Poems, at the Idler Pub Reading Series, Toronto, September 23, 2001


This poem also appears as part of the Twelfth Key, a Pendas Poets Anthology, published on-line by My Town at

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copyright 2001
by Daniel M. Kolos
reading or
publication in any medium
requires the author's permission


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