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The first autographed poetry collection, Slipped Out, is now available in book or CD format! Click here to find out how you can order your own personal copy. Read the Reviews!!!


Daniel’s second poetry collection, From One Child To Another is available for Can$20.00 plus S&H.  E-mail your order to  -   Read Katherine Gordon’s review hereor buy the book from your friendly neighbourhood bookseller!


Inspired by the Masterpoetry chapbook with 99 Sufi poems

inspired by Rumi, Hafiz, Neruda and Hosein Mosavat

now on sale for $10.00 plus S&H: email



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Commissioned Poem:  Fool’s Lure

Didactic Poems (2011)

Philosophy/Introspection     (2011)

Prose Poetry (July 2007)


Erotic Poetry



Rural, Agricultural, Nature Poems     


Humor: Making fun of Society Poems    

Poems Inspired by Ancient Egypt           


Wise Women Poems


Tribute to other  poets:

Ode to Gwendolyn MacEwen

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MyTown; Charlotte’s Other Web

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Mors Osculi

to bill bissett

to  Penn Kemp

Ark Royal;

Poets4Peace: Baghdad Forever

National Poetry Month, 2009

Daniel Kolos appearances:

To Tim Lang (2007)

To Hosein Mosavat (Aug. 9, 2008)

Penn Kemp’s Poem for Peace  performed for the Holland, Michigan Peacemakers

National Poetry Month 2010

To Robert Zend

To George Faluldy

Hungarian Presence in Canada

Colombo quotes Kolos on Faludy


Poetry Workshop

Performing Poetry

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Guidelines for Poetry Critiquing


                                     Poetry Reviews:

Penn Kemp – 4 reviews

Zayla Weedz ; Dec. 2003  

Di Brandt ; May 2004                

Charles Mountford - June, 2004                       

Michael Dudley - May, 2007

Katherine Gordon – May, 2011


Dialogue Poetry 2002

Dialogue Poetry 2003

Dialogue Poetry 2004


Guest poets

Adrian van der Meijden

Words Aloud Poetry Cooperative

Eugenia Gold Rush Commissioned Poem:  Fool’s Lure


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Green Fire Poetry

Reading Series: Daniel reads three recent poems, May 27, 2006 AUDIO FILE

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Parry Sound, Haliburton and Muskoka Poetry

(Jan, 2005)



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