The Magical Child Papers

A series of interconnected papers on Childhood Development from the moment of conception to...




Please note:  Chapters are called 'Papers' 
Copyright 2001 by Daniel M. Kolos 
These 'Papers' can be freely copied and distributed as long as the author's name appears on all such copies and distributions and/or the author is given credit.

Paper 1:  The origin of fragmentation and dissociation: birth

Paper 2:  Infancy, the 'In Arms' period

Paper 3:  Language, brain and logic in a pre-verbal child

Paper 4:  The  "Toddler years": exploration

Paper 5:  Change, the driving motivation of life

Paper 6:  Cultural interference with the learning cycles

Paper 7: Play

Paper 8: Play or No Play: Different Realities

Paper 9: The Matrix Shift Cycles

Paper 10: to come

Paper 11: to come

Paper 12: to come










The Magical Child Papers

were originally written for and published in

Wiccan Candles,

a seasonal Pagan Zine whose editor and readers

were interested in childhood development.

The Magical Child Papers in not a Wiccan or Pagan oriented work although it is perfectly compatible with the pagan ideal of parenting.

Although Wiccan Candles has sponsored and published the initial draft of The Magical Child Papers,

Daniel Kolos retains copyright

and anyone interested in commenting on this series of studies please contact