I live on a ten-acre property in Southern Ontario, above a bend in the Saugeen River.

Five acres are under hay, three pasture goats and sheep and the rest are woods, gardens, lawn and buildings.

Nature is our 'Mother' between the ages of seven and fourteen, the 'safe place' at a time when children begin to separate themselves from their biological 'mother'. (See Magical Child Papers)  Although Caroline Myss says that the base Chakra is where we pick up our instructions from our 'tribe', it is also the place where we pick up our knowledge of the physical, concrete world during our first seven years of life.  Even though I was brought up in a city (Budapest), my parents sent me out into the countryside from the age of 4 every Summer until I was 12.  The rest of the year, they took me every Sunday for a day trip to the hills of Buda.  Then we moved to a farm in Pennsylvania and I felt quite at home.  But city life was inescapable (Philadelphia and Toronto) until 1988 when I permanently moved my family into the country.  We love it there.  I find it inspiring.


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Grey County Spring

Where is Nature?

Mud to Dust


The South Wind


Conversation with Mother Earth

Dandelion Salad

Life at Harvest

Manure and Land Tenure

Midsummer Day’s Musings



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