Sekhmet Updated


A personalized ritual for the 21st Century


The ceremony can be performed in any indoor or outdoor space with three or four ceremonial roles and at least one Supplicant.  This particular ritual was adapted from the ancient Egyptian original (translated by Phillip Germond in “Sekhmet et la protection du monde” available from The Daniel Kolos Gallery of ancient Egyptian Art (in north America only) for US$85.00, (email You can also request a four-part workshop of which the performance of this ritual is the fourth and ceremonial part about this ancient Egyptian Goddess.


Divine Power to Destroy and Heal:

Adventures with the Goddess Sekhmet


A workshop in four parts:


1.  Ancient Egyptian stories about Sekhmet

            Stories like “The Destruction of Mankind” from the Book of the Heavenly Cow.  Where does Sekhmet fit into the Egyptian Pantheon;  Why does Sekhmet join the Memphis Triad?  What is her role as the “Eye of Ra?” and what is her relationship to the second “Eye of Ra” Hathor?  What did Sekhmet do for Amenhotep III that he had 180 Sekhmet statues carved to her in his old age?  Ramses II calls upon Sekhmet at Kadesh to save his life!


2.  Sekhmet and Inner Reality: 

A discussion on the meaning of the dual ability to destroy and heal both as an ancient Egyptian perception and as a current individual reality.  Life and death in a human body is a matter of millions of cells dividing (recreating themselves) daily and millions of cells dying daily.  We will examine the interplay between the limitations of human consciousness and the extent of DNA programming: who wields the ‘power of life and death’?  Sekhmet as the Third Eye force.


3.  Sekhmet and Outer Reality: 

A discussion of Sekhmet and her powers in the context of the whole of creation. The power of conscious choice:  the simplicity of energy from the water we drink, the air we breathe, the food we eat and the interactions with nature and fellow human beings.  Can Sekhmet be the Goddess of our relationships with the opposite sex?  How?


4.  Honoring Sekhmet:

          A ceremony based on original (ancient Egyptian) Sekhmet rituals (from the book by Philippe Germond, Sekhmet et la Protection du Monde).  Workshop participants will take roles and act out this ancient ceremony.  English script and ancient Egyptian chants will be provided.


Sekhmet Updated – the ceremony


A personalized ritual for the 21st Century

rewritten By Daniel Kolos

with the active participation and inspiration of Karen Heaster and Wolf Dancing


Prior to the ceremony, the ritual team performs their own ceremony/meditation of choice to reach a state of mind harmonious with Sekhmet energies.  Priestess, in a robe of her choice, stands in the East, to the right of Sekhmet.  Two other ritual team members can fill the West (female) and North (male) spots, dressed in a robe of their choice.  The Acolyte stands outside the West of the ritual circle/space lightly holding the right arm of the first Supplicant.  When the ritual team is ready and the Supplicant(s) is in place (are lined up), the Acolyte, dressed in a ceremonial garb of his/her own choice, enters the circle and leads the Supplicant around the sacred space.  The Supplicants can be dressed (or sky-clad) in any way they please.  Sekhmet must be a woman with Shamanic training so that she channels the Sekhmet energy into the Supplicant(s) while she, herself, is not overwhelmed by same energy.  If a Sekhmet (lion) mask is available, by all means use it.


Priestess:         Words spoken by Sekhmet the Great

                        Mistress of all change

                        Daughter of Ra who lives in the Third Eye

                        Mistress of bone-deep terror

                        Mistress of the euphoric rush of discovery

                        Protectrice of all who learn and adapt

                        Destructrice of all who are caught in stagnation and fear of change!


Sekhmet:          I protect your essence against all harm

beyond what you are able to bear;

                        I protect your body against all sickness

beyond what you need for transformation.


                        (Acolyte brings Supplicant within the sacred space and stands in the West.  If there is a ritual team member, Supplicant stands to the left of that person facing Sekhmet with the Acolyte on his/her right)


Acolyte:          Hear, O Sekhmet!

The Great Flame of Ra’s Third Eye,

                        Mistress of the protective aura that envelops all creatures!

                        Listen, we plead, to the Supplicant before you,

                        For he knows himself  (or:  For she knows herself.)


(Acolyte brings Supplicant to the North and places him/her in front of the ritual team member standing there, then steps in front of the Supplicant so that the Supplicant is shielded from Sekhmet’s gaze!)



Supplicant:      Come to me, O Sekhmet,

                        For I am Master of my Upper and Lower Chakras,

                        Conscious of my Energetic Being

                        Master of the Left and Right brain functions

                        I am the Daughter (or:  Son) of Ra,

                        I am prepared to open my heart to the next step of transformation,

                        That of … (Supplicant announces his/her issue/request)

                        I bring you this request/issue because

I am the Living Image of   (Supplicant’s own name)


(Acolyte takes Supplicant to the East and places him/her next to the Priestess so that the Supplicant stands between the Priestess and the Acolyte, facing Sekhmet)


Priestess:         Hear, O Sekhmet!

                        Protect and preserve him/her from … (name Supplicant’s issue)

                                    Or: Grant him/her … (name Supplicant’s request)

Protect him/her from all environments that give rise to (name same issue)

Or:  Create for him/her those environments that foster (name same request)

                        Because he/she is the Son (or: Daughter) of Ra from whom you, yourself, have sprung,

                        Because you are the Mistress of All Transformations!


                        (Acolyte takes Supplicant and places him/her in front of Sekhmet - at least a step away or more! – then stands behind Supplicant.  If Supplicant responds to the Sekhmet energy in some way, Acolyte must allow Supplicant to move in whatever way he/she desires as long as that movement harms none)


Sekhmet:          I come to your living, energetic being

                        And deliver you from   (name Supplicant’s issue)

or:  grant you(name Supplicant’s request)

I place my protection around you,

I protect you from all environments that give rise to (name same issue)

Or:  I Create for you those environments that foster (name same request)

Because you are the Son (or: the Daughter) of Ra, from whom I have sprung,

And because you have made me part of your life!


                        (Acolyte takes Supplicant after an appropriate and respectful space of time

- several seconds, at least – and guides Supplicant out of the sacred space.  The ritual can then be repeated for the next Supplicant.)




This ritual was performed at Sirius Rising on July 18, 2003

This ritual was also performed at Wiccanfest the following year.