The early Christian fathers in Egypt told stories to one another in order to keep up their faith.  One of these stories, found in an ancient Coptic manuscript, goes something like this:

The devil appeared in a human form to Abba Anathesius while the hermit was praying in his cave in the rocky desert.  "Which are the goats and which are the sheep?" the devil asked the good father.  Recognizing the devil in spite of his disguise, Abba Anathesius answered, "The sheep, only God knows them.  As for the goat, I am he!"  The devil, thinking that if even the goats were so holy as this desert father, then he would have no chance at all diverting the sheep!  So he changed back into his original form and disappeared.  Abba Anathesius praised God for His inspired words that gave His believers another respite from the devil."

We have been told for over two millennia that sheep are easily led.  And, as we can see from this example, it is the goats who put off the devil! In that case, I am a goat.

These poems reflect my thoughts about the world as we know it, infused with a bit of humor.

I hope you enjoy them.



Comfort Zone


Absurdities 1

Absurdities 2

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